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An Undead Soulkeeper

The Undead Soulkeeper is a form of Undead only found on various places, including Undead Island. They come out at night most of the time like Rage Ghosts due to them being strongest at that time (though they will often come out during the day should they see a particularly juicy victim). They attack with a staff and will often try to knock their enemies to the ground to help them kill them. Their activity is most common on the nights of the Full Moon and New Moon.

Dark Variant

Like all other Undead, the Soulkeepers have a dark version. However, as Soulkeepers are naturally colored black, the dark versions have but one change to their appearance: their eyes and mouth glow red instead of green. Additionally, they deal twice as much damage and have twice as much health. These Soulkeepers are said to be the "original" ones, wraiths that existed long before Jolly Roger or Kaj Worras. Unfortunately, most of them have been killed off, leaving only one Dark Soulkeeper left. Even when defeated, however, he has absorbed enough souls to keep coming back; all Soulkeepers have this ability, except the normal ones usually lose their soul collection and die upon defeat, while the Dark Soulkeepers are capable of losing only a few.


Special attacks Damage Description
Ground Slam 10-20 The victim is knocked to the ground for 5 seconds and is wounded.
Flaming Skull 120-200 The Soulkeeper creates a flaming skull and launches it at whoever they're focused on.
Banish 200 The Soulkeeper creates a glowing orb over their staff and launches it at their victim. Will do 3 times the damage if the victim is Undead.
Undead 5 The Soulkeeper turns the victim undead for 60 seconds. It usually performs Banish immediately after this attack.
Soul Suck 300-450 The victim is frozen for 10 seconds and their life depletes, replenishing the Soulkeeper's life.
Purple Beam 400 A purple beam comes from the Soulkeeper's staff and strikes its victim.
Beat-down 500 The Soulkeeper clubs the enemy's head with its staff, stunning them. It then strikes them on the side, then hits the back of their neck; with the enemy hunched over in pain, the Soulkeeper knocks them on their stomach by striking their back.
Lightning Half of the victim's total life The Soulkeeper points its staff at a victim and shoots lightning at them.

Additionally, Soulkeepers have their own regular attacks (similar to a sword having normal attacks like High Cut, Low Cut, etc.)

Combo Damage Description
Left smash 200 The Soulkeeper swings its staff to the left, hitting its enemy on the the head.
Jab 400 The Soulkeeper, with its enemy disoriented from the previous hit, jabs them in the gut with its staff, healing itself but hurting its enemy.
Head-butt 500 The enemy hunched over from the Jab attack, the Soulkeeper head-butts them.
Knockdown 600 The Soulkeeper clubs the enemy with its staff, knocking them to the ground.
Fire Stab 800 The Soulkeeper, with its enemy knocked down, drives the sharp end of its staff through their stomach, draining their life and replenishing the Soulkeeper's.


  • Guns are not very effective; it will use its long-range attacks if its enemy is far away.
  • Silver Shot works well on them.
  • Don't take on them alone unless you have Tyrant Blade or World Eater Blade; they oddly do more damage to the Soulkeeper and drain twice as much health as usual.
  • If you do not have Tyrant Blade or World Eater Blade, fight in groups of at least 4; 2 people to fight the Soulkeeper, and the other 2 will heal the attackers (note: Soulkeepers will attack the healers as well in time).

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