The HMS uninvited guest is Commanded By Charles Cortez, He uses this ships at night the sight of this ship is horrible to either other pirate ships or just a merchant ship. It Is said that THE GREAT CABOOST
HMS UnInvited Guest

The HMS Uninvited Guest In a storm but won't go down!

when he enters this ship he becomes a skeleton chicken. Cortez has manger to make a crew for this Notorious Ship.


  • Can hold up to 225 crewmates
  • Weapons are Greek Fire, fury lighting, Grapple Hooks.
  • Hull - 30,000
  • Maximum Cargo - 8000 lbs
  • Cannons 10 on each side 2 up front and 2 in the back
  • Boardsides - 55

First Mate Briggs

Briggs was always loyal to Cortez but soon after abandoned him, he is now in the Royal Navy but still won't put a shirt on.

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Swabie Joe

Joe is always loyal to Cortez he is currently a swabie and a gunner he used to work at the King's Arm but soon gotten fired since he murdered his three kids

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