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This is a You Tube Movie/Show Series!
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Producer : Captain Josh

Director/s - Captain Josh - Jeremiah Garland

Filmer - Sven Daggersteel thumb|342px|right|Union & Confederate Theme Song

Parts - For Book 1

( Based on Series North & South )

( But Story was Changed )

Ory Main - Main Role

George Hazzard - Jeremiah Garland

Lady Main - Main Role

Mr. Main

Lady Hazzard - Main Role

Mr. Hazzard

Billy Hazzard ( Boy ) - Main Role

Billy Hazzard ( Young Adult ) - Main Role

Virgilia Hazzard - Main Role

Constance ( Hazzard ) - Main Role

Ashton Main - Main Role

Bret Main - Main Role

Madaline - Main Role

Madlines Dad

Justin - Main Role

Uylsses S. Grant ( West Point Cadet )

Cadet Bent - Main Role




Nameless West Point Cadet

( We are not Recognizing Slavery AT ALL we think it is a Brutal concept, its here only since its part of the Civil War )

Main Plantation Salves :

Coufy - Main Role

Symirias - Main Role

Prime - Main Role

Josiah - Main Role

Back Ground Slaves

Justin Plantation Slaves :

Monsally ( originally owned by Madaline until Madaline was forced to mary Justin ) - Main Role

Back Ground Slaves

James Hontoon

Southern Politicians

Northern Politicians

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