aka Savannah Icebreeze

  • I live in Caribbean
  • I was born on February 4
  • My occupation is Princess of Ice
  • I am Emily Darkvane's little sister in roleplay.

The Sparrow Family Story

Hola. I am Angel Darkvane Sparrow. I have one sister and three brothers : Emily, Flare, Mark, and David. We’re all the children of the Pirate Lord, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Me and Emily act nothing like our brothers and father. What I'm about to tell you is 100% true and it's called the Sparrow Family Story.

Me, Emily, David, Flare, and Mark were hanging around the dock of Tortuga when a EITC fleet of ships ported. Our dad found us as other people were running as people ran, teriffied when they saw the ETIC flag.

"Uh oh," Flare said. "Why are you here?" said Divid with an attitude when Lord Beckett stepped on land. Mark's eyes widened when he saw Beckett. "What's going on?" I asked. I was four years old at the time and didn't know that I was looking at Lord Cutler Beckett and a LOT of EITC. (I was four and Emily was seven in-game) Emily knew knew the answer to my question but was too scared to answer.

"It seems like you had trouble finding a crew, Jack" said Lord Beckett looking at me, my sister, brothers and of course our dad. "Daddy do you know that person?" I asked in my childish squeaky voice. Ignoring my c curiousity Daddy replied, "Oh, I have a crew. These are just my children."

Hatrid in Emily's eyes, she asked, "Why have you come to Tortuga?" "That remains untold to any pirates... especially the Sparrows," said Beckett. "Let's just say your father won't be with you for a while." We all knew what Beckett meant by that. "No," me and Emily said at the same time. "I don't know who you are but I won't let you take my daddy away," I said. "Well I doubt you would leave just to save your father from being taken away," replied Beckett. "Actually we would," Emily said.

"Emily, Angel, you can't leave!" said Flare. "Do you know what would even happen to you? You might get hanged!!!" David whispered to us. "Well we're not gonna let our dad be taken away and be hanged possibly!" Emily replied.

Our dad agreed that we leave which he shouldn't have. We were taken by the EITC not hanged, but because we were still very young were educated in England and when we got older Jolly Roger took us.

We got reunited with our dad in June/August of 2011 (the year in reality please edit if you know the year 2011 is in the game). When Lord Lawrence Dagger was discharged of his rank which was Lord in the EITC he made his own army called Law's Brigade. Me and Emily met a pirate named Walker who proved to us pirates were the bad guys and now me and my sister are EITC.

Walker and Lord Dagger if you are reading this were not coming back to the Brigade ever again.

My Pirates

  • Emily Darkvane (my sister)
  • Serena
  • Linda Irontimbers
  • Firelord Azula
  • Angel Darkvane (me)

Friends Until Somethin' Happened

Emily used to have nothing against the EITC at all. In fact, she used to be in Co. Empire! That is until some EITC dude started bullying her one day. And even though Emily wasn't even the person who STARTED the fight, Emily was kicked.

The Pirate Republic

One day, when Emily was minding her own business (she was EITC at the time) someone named James Badwalker saw saw. He was s member of the Pirate Republic. He didn't like that Emily was EITC so he put shocking cuffs on her! She broke free and ran.

After she was bullied by the East India Trading Co. I kept searching for an officer in the Pirate Republic. Emily eventually came across someone in the Republic. They weren't an officer, though. They called someone from the guild to come and then she was invited.

The guild was very talkative and so was Emily. Then, someone typed to her "God why do you always use caps?" She replied "I like proper grammar." She found out within the next minute that that was Francis Rigswine, GuildMaster of the Pirate Republic.

A few years few years later they got married (in the game and awww.... so sweet :) ) on Isla de La Avaricia.

Then two years later some bad things happened while he was online and she got some bad news from United Empire. Francis was still around but he only came on once since she got the news and that was in October of 2009 or 2010. It's 2011 right now. When Emily got reunited with me which was not too long ago, she ALWAYS complained how she missed him. P.S.

Francis please try to find Emily in the game if you are reading this which was edited on 10/9/2011. She got all sadeyed on me today cuz she misses you.

The East India Trading Company

For a few years the East India Trading Company died down after the Co. Empire ended. They have started to pop back up now with the the leader, Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard. And seriously..... I thought Lord Beckett scared Emily and I but I am TERRIFIED of Lord Redbeard. Eh... Well Emily more terrified.... She screams meep... I've never rly seen him.

COMMENT: I didn't know I was scary.

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thumb|291px|right|:D Emily and I and our brothers just CAN'T stay out of trouble can we?

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