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Hello, fellow Wikians. I do not wish to cause trouble on the Wiki because the form of what I do is very close to User:N.R. I do not wish to stop him from doing what he does best but I am just trying to, "Follow in his Footsteps,"

And now onto my User name, weird I know, but! I have a reason for it. I am a FAN of the hacker group better known as, Anonymous. I chose their hacker group to be the first part of my user name. I then took Apachie, which is one of the many things that started the World Wide Web or WWW for the less educated. I then took 4.Chain. Which is what started up Anonymous. And so there is my user name. Anonymously-Apachie4.chain

About me in Real Life

I wont say much as I want to keep my personal information a secret I'll say a little bit. I like to hang out my with my friends, Sam, Charlie, Owen, David, and Carter. I love to use computers and play guitar. I have a pirate in POTCO. As I would like to stay Anonymous all I will say is he is level 24. I started game about 4 weeks ago, (Around one month for the less educated). I am good at coding. And that's it. I do not roleplay or jump. I am simply, a Pirate. And if any of you are stalkers and want to know how old I am in real, I wont tell you, but I do have Open Chat.


My Userboxes

Spanish Icon Anonymously-Apachie4.chain is a True Spaniard at heart!
LevelTemplate35 Anonymously-Apachie4.chain has reached Notoriety level 35!
55px Anonymously-Apachie4.chain has reached Notoriety level 12!
Tailor Sign Anonymously-Apachie4.chain has completed all of the clothing quests offered by tailors.
Pistol eagle eye Anonymously-Apachie4.chain's Favorite server is Abassa!

PotionsIcon Anonymously-Apachie4.chain is an expert potion brewer!
Bloodfire Anonymously-Apachie4.chain is in possession of Emerald Curse.
Avaricia1 Anonymously-Apachie4.chain is a Privateer of Spain!
's transparent Anonymously-Apachie4.chain liked the oil mustache from April Fool's Day!
ElPatronIcon Anonymously-Apachie4.chain is in possession of the Lost Sword of El Patron!

CursedBlades Anonymously-Apachie4.chain has collected a total of 5 Cursed Blades!
Generation7 Anonymously-Apachie4.chain is from the 7th Wiki Generation!
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