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Billy Lawrence Snoopensnob has always been a pirate at heart. At a young age, he was taking bread from food stalls, and at the age of 15 was thrown in jail on the small island of Rambleshack. After he came back, he found his father had died In the French and Indian war. He then started living with his best friend (James Warhawk) James mom, Billy's mom, and Billy's Brother (Bobby Snoopensnob) after his mom wasn't able to pay off the landlord who threatened with blackmail. Now as they grew older on the Cliffs of Ravens Cove, the beautiful, peaceful island at the time, James and Billy became great sailers, shooters, and swordsman. They even enlisted in the British Royal Navy, where Billy got to the rank of Lt. But then One night the crew had a mutiny, led by the great Lt. Billy Snoopensnob. They over took the Corsair, and Billy renamed it the Buccaneer Demon. From then on, he has been on the run.


Billy sailed for a year before the times got bad. Billy was Captured and was thrown into jail. Luckily the famous Jack Sparrow was there and before long he was out and onto Bo Beck's Ship where he protected them from a phantom, but then, Jolly Roger came and Blew the ship to peices, Billy was the only Survivor.


Billy Immediately went to find James Warhawk, which was alot tuffer then it sounds. He searched for months, befriending a pirate named Red Barron. Eventually Red Barron was found, then Executed at Fort Charles, Where Billy was always hanging out with Sgt. Bingham and James Warhawk. And knowing James, he would never miss a hanging, just to see who it was. after Red was hung, Billy found James after James asked if he knew Billy S. And the two friends were reunited again.


After long years of fighting, sailing, and such, Billy and James were sailing to their old home, Raven's Cove, Then Jolly Roger was outside the island firing on it. Billy and James sailed over and opened fire on the ship, and Jolly retreated. Then they rushed to Raven's Cove to find out what happened.


When they got to the shore, they couldn't believe their eyes, Jolly Roger Ransacked the Island, skeletons and bodies everwhere. They went to the home, and James found a message written on a book, Help -tor was all it said. James knew they had to go after Jolly, but then realized that they saw another ship, the EITC ship Vanguard leaving and Tor was screaming, HELP!!! Then James picked up his Bushmaster Pistol, Billy his Spinecrest Sword, and went after Tor.

6. At the start of the hunt it seemed good, but it turned out that it wasn't Tor. So Billy and James had to set out to the mysterious island of N642, aka, Black Pearl Island. Billy and James arranged to get on the Black Pearl, and save tor, they got to the last draw bridge where Norrington was keeping Tor, but he had a plan, as soon as Billy stepped off the ship to rescue her, Norrington shot her and sunk the Pearl. Tor was still alive but barely. Norrington walked off, and ordered their bridge to be destroyed. Billy, James, and Tor had to get off of N642.


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