Bart Swordfury

aka Bartholomew Jäger Swordfury

  • I live in The Darkness
  • I was born on December 20
  • My occupation is Your Death
  • I am Your Worst Nightmare

My Full name

Bartholomew Jäger Swordfury


Templar Bart Swordfury is a Loyal Member of the Knights Templar.
9 - 11 Rememberance
Bart Swordfury is remembering
September 11th, 2001
"We will never forget."
G.O.P.S. Leviathan Bart Swordfury is in possession of a limited edition Advanced Ship of the Line called The HMS Dark Conqueror!
American flag Bart Swordfury is American.
GMCaptain Ellison Shaw Bart Swordfury has met Captain Ellison Shaw on pirate's online!
Screen shot 2011-04-30 at 3.07.29 PM2 Bart Swordfury spat on Pearson Wright's grave!
Scarface-Al-Pacino-Wallpaper- (1) Bart Swordfury is The Master Connoisseur in The Kingshead Connoisseur's Club
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