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Batorhos is a Caribbean Gazette Official Founder!

Batorhos is a Caribbean Gazette President!
Badge.jpg Batorhos is an Interpol Founder.
Crown.png Batorhos is High King in the High Lords Council.
Epa Flag.jpg Batorhos is a members of the Elite-Assassins guild!
Epa Flag.jpg Batorhos is ranked 3rd In Command in the Elite-Assassins Command Traid.
Muscle.jpg Batorhos was scheduled in the Feats of Strength Competition in 2011 on the Second week.
Government.jpg Batorhos is a(n)/the Founder of the High Lords Council.
Lost Sword Badge.png Batorhos was in possession of {{{1}}} Lost Sword Badges before achievements were deactivated.
Images (1)65.jpg Batorhos is a(n) Chief Of Security of the International Trading Bank.

Under Construction.png Batorhos has a character named Jeremiah Stormwash in POTCO.
Treasure Trophy.JPG Batorhos has gathered all his treasure collections.
LegendaryLure.jpg Batorhos is a Master Fisherman!
55px-Icon nature staff d.jpg Batorhos is a Lord of Voodoo in The Alliance of The Lords!
Special:Editcount/Batorhos Batorhos has made Special:Editcount/Batorhos edits on the POTCO Players Wiki.
American flag.jpg Batorhos is American.
Hungary puzzle transparent.png Batorhos is from the Rebublic of Hungary.
Male Blue.png Batorhos is male.
Music Sign.png Batorhos's favorite Pirates of the Caribbean song is Hoist The Colours.
Mercer's Blades mp icon.jpg Batorhos is in possession of the legendary Silver Freeze!
Story Contes 2.png Batorhos has won Third place in the January 1, 2010 Pirate Award for Best Best Dresser!
Story Contes 2.png Batorhos has won First place in the January 1, 2011 Pirate Award for Best Glitcher!
GM Sign.JPG Batorhos is Guildmaster of the High Council guild.
EITC Member.jpg Batorhos's EITC Rank is Field Marshal.
PvPChancellor.jpg Batorhos is a Chancellor Of Peace in the OCPC.
Staff conservation.png Batorhos is the 12th Sage Of Philosophy in The Illuminati society.