My role in all this.

At first, leon and i were loners. after playing for 3 months we joined sparton savvy jrs guild . they grew on us so when they made a new guild for training we both went along to help lower levels grow. savvy's academy was the best won yet in my eyes because i got to help alot of people. durring our stay in sparton savvy jrs loen callewrecker and i got married in game. we were already married in life and by this time everyone knew. the best part was when i heard that leon had been promoted to gm of masters and skulls guild. he started with only a few mastered pirates, which is what the guild was for,to over 100 guild mates to help with pvp , svs, and just level, so i agreed to be his assistant guild master. we are doing well with our guild and love the people we r meeting. but leon does all the work so i just sit and look pretty i guess.

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