aka Mizael , Bane , Magneto , Davy Jones

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on December 6
  • My occupation is Sith Lord of the Empire, Barian Emperor and Resurgient of HYDRA
  • I am Male
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Welcome <insert name here>

Im Bill Plunderbones the top officer of Gen of Peace guild, Head member and co founder of The Society of Light  and CEO, head weapons division and head research and development of Daggerpaine Industries, pets are all alligators on Cortevos server.I am a Complete master (meaning i have mastered notoritety, weapons , potions, fishing, svs , pvp), I now primarily loot since i am basic i have gotten loads of famed and bright colored clothing i always like wearing something covering my head i really like long sleeve shirts i got the legendary lost sword of el patron on october 23 2011 a weapon i have been after since 2010 , 


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My favorite pages and pages i created

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My Pirates

  • Bill Plunderbones Lv 50 complete master including infamy
  • Bill Plunderbones Tew Lv 50 second mastered pirate - more for looting
  • Bill Plunderbones Jr Lv 14 basic mastered (backup account)
  • Bill Plunderbones The Third Lv 12 (backup account)
  • The Light Lv 50
  • Jay Lv 32 - (Deleted)
  • Jay Plunderbones lv 9

My Signatures

Bill Plunderbones, Head of the Society of Light. Co-GM of the Gen. Of Peace, Emperor of Japan Ceo of DI,

The Spirit of the Light


Japan Flag天皇法案 Plunderbones、ヘッド ライトの会 Japan Flag

{ {PUSL}}

Things i like

Movies i love movies almost all of them here r my narrowdowns of the best in genres.

  • Action - Transformers Trilogy , Avatar , Pirates of The caribbean franchise , Terminator franchise
  • Adventure - 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (i own like 12 copies of the book xD) Indiana Jones franchise
  • Superhero movies - The Avengers , Spider-Man franchise
  • Comedy - Spaceballs , Just Visiting , Superhero movie, Mars Attacks
  • Sea Horror - The Beast
  • Disater - 2012 , The Day After Tomorrow , Dante's Peak, Twister
  • Drama - Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies
  • Musical - Tangled,Little Mermaid, Lion King,High School Musical Trilogy
  • Anime - Yu Gi Oh franchise
  • Disney - Hunchback of Notre Dame , Tangled, Little Mermaid , Lion King
  • Cartoon Network - Samurai Jack , Codename Kids Next Door
  • Sci Fi - Star Wars saga
  • Japanese Sci Fi - (there is only one i love ) Godzilla Franchise

Favorite Movies

  • Disney - Hunchback of Notre Dame , The Little Mermaid franchise , Tangled
  • Disney Live Action - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • Huge Live Action Disney Franchise - Pirates of The Caribbean
  • Paramount - Transformers Trilogy, Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • LucasFilms - Star Wars Saga
  • 20th Century Fox - X-men franchise, Ice Age franchise
  • MARVEL - Spider Man Franchise, The Avengers
  • Dreamworks - Kung Fu Panda 2 , Shrek franchise

Favorite Composers

I love music mostly film soundtracks here are my favorite composers

  • Hans Zimmer- Big 3
  • John Williams- Big 3
  • John Powell- Big 3
  • Alan Silverstri
  • Alan Menken
  • Harry Gregosn Williams
  • Danny Elfman
  • Steve Jabolonsky
  • Akira Ifukbe

gallery of legendary

before 2012 bill got no legendary but post 2012 hes been getting a lot for some werid reason here are his

  • Wolrd Eater Blade
  • Thunderspine Sword x2
  • Blade of the Abyss
  • 3 Lost Sword of El patrons on all 3 pirates
  • Silver Freeze on both bill and tew
  • The Emerald Curse


4742223751 0377947237


Even moe queen 14

favorite ship and favorite island




MY Ultimate Goal

OST PosterDVCover 2


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Such Truth xD

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