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call me if you need help in loot,I GOT THE THING UP HERE!!

Lightning Sword

sword of catastrophe, my leader's blade.

Generation5 Black ballade is from the 5th Wiki Generation!

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What is famous about me is my treasure sense.if you need help in loot call me. ZOOMER IS ALWAYS THERE TO HELP LOOTERS. Favorite ice cream flavor: verry berry. My puppy, fluff is shown in my avatar. (my mom likes to call him fluffy -_-) And... And Im A Librarian Of The Awesomized NALCEOUS NALC. Dead person

RipBlack ballade has quit this wiki and will not be online anymore.Rip
CABOOST Soup Black ballade is a member of The Soup Troop and LOVES soup!

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My pirate, zoomer has passed through many disasters in life, but he still has a senese of humor and keeps up his confidency at times of good and bad and worse and worst.

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This might not be the humor i was talking about.... AHHH DONT DARE LOOK AT ME IN MY STEALTH CAMO A.K.A GHOSTY FORM >>:O!!!!

thumb|300px|right|um... eh.... ROFL

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