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Status- Too lazy to regularly change my status

About me

Hey <insert name here> ! I really don't know what to say about myself! I'm a crazy chick named Bob :P I played POTCO from 2010 to 2013 when it closed. I was a pirate for most of the time, but then I discovered that I was royalty in country RP.


  • For additional stalking material, see my other page :P -----> Bobby Moon

My Favorite Self-Quotes

  1. "18th Century Playa"
  2. BMWTO2013?
  3. "Name/name bromance, what?"
  4. "Hey Hey Hey Party Peeps!!"
  5. "I'm a girl named Bob! Ya can't top that!"
  6. "Pear is a fruit...."
  7. "What the brig??!"
  8. "One day noobs will unite and take over!"
  9. "Something wicked this way comes."
  10. "So bake THAT in your fruit cake!"
  11. "Noobasaurs!"

Other Favorites!

  1. orange and purple
  2. meat
  3. pranks
  4. being sassy
  5. escaping capture
  6. the number 8
  7. colorful socks
  8. the Red Sox
  9. Chinese food <3
  10. pie
  11. Captain Wahoo from the Bacon Squad! (my official hero) :D

Bob Moon Trivia

  1. My birthday is April 9th. (Cash only, no checks)
  2. Feet creep me out.
  3. My favorite colors are purple, orange, and silver.
  4. I enjoy causing trouble! >;D
  5. My favorite kinds of meat are chicken, (fried of course!) , roast beef, and steak! (In no particular order)
  6. My chocolate-chip pancake-eating record is 9.
  7. I'm actually an intelligent blonde.
  8. My favorite POTCO weapon is broadsword. (Broad noobs forever!!!)


Crown 1 lg.gif Bobby Moon is a member of Royalty.
French Icon.png Bobby Moon is a True Frenchman at heart!
Triforce.gif Bobby Moon has reached Notoriety level 50 and joined the No Groggy Club!
The Dons.png Bobby Moon is a Don in La Mafia
Super-Harvest-Moon-1-.jpg Bobby Moon is a member of Moon's Crew!
Pirate Icon Userbox Image01.jpg Bobby Moon is a Pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
GM Sign.JPG Bobby Moon is Guildmaster of the Moon's Crew guild.
The Mystery of The Stolen Design Logo.png Bobby Moon features in The Mystery of The Stolen Design Play!
Fried chicken.jpg Bobby Moon likes Fried Chicken.
N.R..png Bobby Moon is a fan of the famous anti-EITC speaker, N.R.!
MDL.png Bobby Moon is a member of The Dew League!
Dark logo.png Bobby Moon is the Supreme Overlord of the Dark!
DR3 title5.jpg This character appears in The Darkness' Revenge Trilogy!
Generation6.jpg Bobby Moon is from the 6th Wiki Generation!
POTCOGen2.png Bobby Moon is from the 2nd POTCO Generation!