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Richard Luther
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Full Name


Richard James Humphrey Luther









December 10, 1717, Hampshire, England

May 27, 1810, Louisiana Territory

Dirty Blonde




Member of

The East India Trading Company

The 74th Regiment of Britain

Aide de Camp to Venables of Kolkuta, West Bengal

The East India Trading Company Board of Directors

British Representative of India

Current/Former Place(s) of Residence England


Austria, France

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The Life of Richard Luther

Major General Richard James Humphrey Luther - ( December 10, 1717 - May 27, 1810 ) He was in the East India Trading Company for several honorary years. Richard is from Hampshire, England, Richard has been a former follower of Lord Marshal/ High Elder Samuel Harrington, Former King of Spain Phillippe V, and 2nd High Lord Johnny Goldtimbers. In his later years after his first wife, Penelope Gashling Luther died, he becomes very religious and becomes a preacher. He also became a lawyer, doctor, and land surveyer. He was in sixteen battles in the Revolutionary War on the side of the British. He became very elderly and moved to the North American Spanish Louisianian Territory after the Louisiana Purchase. He works at the ports down there.

Richard Luther and his troops

Richard and many of his British troops, preparing for battle.

He dies of natural causes at the mere age of 93.thumb|left|Richard and many of his British troops, preparing for battle.|link= He dies of natural causes at the mere age of 93.thumb|left|Richard and many of his British troops, preparing for battle.|link= He dies of natural causes at the mere age of 93.thumb|left|Richard and many of his British troops, preparing for battle.|link= He dies of natural causes at the mere age of 93.thumb|left|Richard and many of his British troops, preparing for battle.|link= He dies of natural causes at the mere age of 93.

Richard and Mrs. Lutty

Richard with his second wife, Macee.

Mozart Symphony No. 40 in G minor, KV. 550

Mozart Symphony No. 40 in G minor, KV. 550.wmv


− Salazar Finch Luther--Great-Grandfather--1622-1695

−   Glenda Hamilton Luther--Great-Grandmother--1619-1687

− − Albo Derrius Luther--Great-Uncle--1638-1657

− − Dinkin Murphey Luther--Great-Uncle--1630-1715

− − Miya Fletcher Luther--Great-Aunt--1631-1709

− − Dudley Simpson Luther--Grandfather--1636-1704

− − Trinity Stakes Luther--Grandmother--1644--1712

− − Timothy Hermitage--Grandfather--1646-1705

− − Grace Lane Luther--1647-1708

− − Fenton Gashling--Father-In-Law--1675-1728

− − Jada Dawn Gashling--Mother-in-Law--1678-1749

− − Thomas Benedict Fowley--Father-in-Law--1688-1753

− − Olivia Joyce Fowley--Mother-in-Law--1692-1755

− − Devon Luther--Uncle--1696--1765

− − Delilah Hermitage Luther--Aunt--1696--1768

− − Thomas Salazar Luther--Father--1689-1736

− − Camille Marks Luther--Mother--1693--1760

− − Sophia Lutheran Guerrero--Sister--1726-1782

− − Fortunado Juarez Guerrero--Brother-in-Law--1714-1769

− − Alvaro Juan Guerrero--Nephew--1760-1839

− − Cecelia Guerrero--Niece--1758-1845

− − Trenton Theodore Luther--Brother--1723-1777

− − Mary White Luther--Sister-in-Law--1726-1783

− − Richard James Humphrey Luther--1717-1810

− − Penelope Gashling Luther--Wife--1721-1757

− − Albert Gashling--Brother-in-Law--1725-1787

− − Macee Fowley Luther--Wife--1734--1801

− − Johnathan Woodrow McFerguson--Brother-in-Law--1716-1786

− − Katherine Gashling McFerguson--Sister-in-Law--1725-1781

− − Adrian Lawrence Luther--Son--1748-1826

− − Linda Hanks Luther--Daughter-in-Law--1754-1809

− − Morris Ralph Luther--Grandson--1781-1858

− − Amanda Gloria Luther--Grandaughter--1782-1859

− − Antonin Cuthbert Luther--Son--1751-1789

− − Maria Cash Luther--Daughter-in-Law--1752-1804

− − Monique Luther Dirks--Daughter--1757-1837

− − Augustus Isaac Dirks--Son-in-Law--1757-1830

− − Leslie Elizabeth Dirks--Granddaughter--1783-1869

− − Kyle William Dirks--Grandson--1786-1872

− − Leopold Hammand Luther--Son--1757-1834

− − Detra Vogel Luther--Daughter-in-Law--1753-1834

− − Alexandrine Charity Luther--Granddaughter--1784-1866

Mozart - Symphony No. 1 in E flat, K

Mozart - Symphony No. 1 in E flat, K. 16 complete


Scorpion sting on left pinkie finger.

Bullet wound in right thigh.

Scar on left arm from sabre-slash.

Bullet wound in right bicep.

Raptor claw mark across right eye.

Bullet wound in vertebrae.

Richard's Backpack

Richard's 1741 Prized Sabre.

Richard's "The Ermordung".

Richard's 1696 Spanish Gold-Encrusted Flintlock Pistol.

Richard's 1697 Golden Italian Pistol.

Richard's 1689 Spanish Pistol.

Richard's 1729 Catalonian Pistol.

Richard's Royal Spanish Dagger.

Richard's Canadian Dagger.

Richard's Scottish Daggers.

Richard's Egyptian Onyx Ring.

Richard's Egyptian Sapphire Ring.

Richard's Israeli Ruby Ring.

Richard's Colombian Emerald Ring.

Richard's 1400's Hand-Crafted Telescope.

Richard's Powdered Wig.

Richard's Admiral Hat And Jacket.

Richard's Satchel.

Richard's Famous Wooden Dragon Walking Cane.


Richard's Famous Steel Snake Walking Cane.


Richard's Jeweled Ivory Ruby-Tip Walking Cane.


Richard's Famous Marble Balled Walking Cane.

Richard's Eye-Patch (Later Years)

Richard's Bible

Amongst Richard's Lifetime Photos

Fun Facts

Richard's full name is Richard James Humphrey Luther.

Richard is rarely seen wearing his wig.

Richard is rarely seen without wearing his signature cotton vest.

Richard is rarely seen without wearing his golden cross necklace.

Richard had served with the East India Trading Company for 7 years.

Richard had lived in 19 different countries. England, Scotland, Ireland, Austria, France, Hungary, Spain, Russia, Israel, The United States of America, Germany, Egypt, The Bahamas, Guyuna, Turkey, Luxembourg, Italy, Belgium, and India.

Richard has lived on 3 different continents-Asia, North America, and Europe.

Richard has also lived in the Caribbean.

Richard outlived his whole generation.

Richard outlived his parents, Thomas Salazar Lutheran and Camille Marks Lutheran, his son, Antonin Cuthbert Lutheran, his two wives, Penelope Gashling Lutheran and Macee Fowley Lutheran, and a great deal more of family members.

Richard outlived a few people of his next generation.

Richard's surname is "Luther," which brought forth the religion of "Lutheran", though he is a Protestant Baptist.

His parents were the first people in his family to become Baptists.

Richard was a certified lawyer, doctor, preacher, and land surveyer.

Richard had many pets, including his Red Tibetan Mastiff, named Henry, that he bought back in Northern India, his Brown Hackney Horse, named Frederick, that he bought in Northern Great Britain, and his Black Fresian Horse, named Gunner, that he bought in The Netherlands.

Richard really likes to swear.
Sharpe likes to swear

Sharpe likes to swear

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