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Hello, and welcome to Captain Robert's Page. I'm a regular user on this wiki. I'm also and admin on the British Empire Wiki, where it talks about the Royal British Navy in POTCO. Also if you need help send me a message here and I'll help you to the best of my ability. Also visit my treasure chest where I store all my templates, page banners , signatures and more. Remember if you need help ask me and I'll help you to the best of my ability. Gracias and have a nice day.

Who Am I?
I Am Captain Robert!
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  • Robert Shipstealer - the Shah of Persia, Prince of Spain and my first pirate. He's currently not mastered but he's a very powerful pirate. He was also a former EITC Lord.
  • Robert Macmonger - He's the Second Sea Lord of the Royal Navy, First Sea Lord of the Danish Navy and an Royal Navy Commanding Officer and a Prince of Persia.
  • Don Roberto De Muerte - Heir to Persia and undead pirate! Loyal to Persia and now resides on Italy starting trouble as a mobster.

My Userboxees
My Signature Templates

More templates I've made vist here.

My Signature Templates
Second Sea Lord Second Sea Lord Robert Macmonger, of the Royal Navy was here!
CEO of the EITCSI Lord Robert, CEO of the EITCSI was here!
Generation6.jpg Captain Robert is from the 6th Wiki Generation!

My Pages!
Savviest Swashbuckler Pictures(Gallery of the Greats)


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My Vids

thumb|left|250px|Not Afraid thumb|250px|right|Snuff thumb|250px|left|No Love thumb|250px|right|Wait & Bleed


The Dons.png Captain Robert is a Don in La Mafia

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