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Hai - I'm Gold, one of the first administrators here and one of the last people to still edit here occasionally who was here in the near-beginning. I was a Bureaucrat for about 2 years until I resigned in Feb 2013 to escape from the drama that was here. I also deleted my pages here around that same time to get them away from the massive dramafest that this site was turning into and also to rid of old, crappy material that I had created - my inactivity went down further after that when Pirates Online closed, however I remained a rollback who could be called at any time until December 30th 2013, when I resigned all positions. 

Now, I am active on my own wikia that Dentface and I created, and I am very active on Star Wars: The Old Republic, where a lot of my friends from POTCO have moved.

I had a great time here and many memories - I met most of my best friends here, I was 6th place in achievement badges, I acquired 10k edits (Some of which are now gone due to the deletion of my pages) and I am very thankful for the memories I have of this place and the people connected to it. Twas a good run, folks.

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Found Feb 25th 2011, first chicken in Pirates - nostalgia