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Me, With Sir Carlos Clemente, and Hippie.

Crown 1 lg Carlos la verde sanita is a member of Royalty.
Paradox Spanish Carlos la verde sanita is part of The Paradox!

Carlos La Verde Sanita - Duke of Barcelona

Hello, I'm Carlos. I am the brother of Sir Carlos Clemente, and Samuel Creststeel. I am an officer in The Paradox, a prince of Spain, and the Duke of Barcelona.

Spanish National Anthem

Spanish Royale Orchestra - Ranger Salute

Spanish Royale Orchestra - Ranger Salute

&nbsp Oath of Honor - " I, Hereby pledge eternal loyalty to the crown of Spain, till the day that I shall die. If I think to turn from this path, I shall correct my self immediately, so help me God. "

Spanish Icon Carlos la verde sanita is a True Spaniard at heart!

1.) Biography - I was born in 1736 in Cordoba, Spain. I am the youngest of 9, and I am the first Advisor to the King, Sir Carlos Clemente. I am currently a Prince, Duke of Barcelona, and the first heir to the crown. I am a level 23, and an officer in The Paradox. When Carlos needs a break, I come in and take over. I am the people person, he's more of the war hero. My Father is Spartan, my mother was Samantha Creststeel.

2.) Accomplishments - I have successfully won 3 of the 3 battles which Sir Carlos Clemente has allowed me to lead against Co. Black Guard, El Looters, and Order Of Nautillus. I have become the first Heir to Spain.

Funeral Marching Song - Spanish Military

Funeral Marching Song - Spanish Military

3.) What do i do? Well, I am the Secretary of State in the Paradoxian Government, and have very high authority in Spain, Japan, Russia, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, and Portugal. I manage the guild, and help to keep the King calm at all times to prevent chaos. My job is hard, but it is worth it, and I deeply enjoy the time i get to spend first hand with Carlos Clemente.

Generation6 Carlos la verde sanita is from the 6th Wiki Generation!
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3 of the 7 Ranger Lords.

1.) Operation Black Swan

As you all know recently his majesty, Sir Carlos Clemente, and Fleet Admiral Matthew O'malley, along with Prince Cadet, and Admiral David, were all killed in action. After a bomb went off, 3 of the 4 of these people were instantly killed. I had been knocked over with severe wounds, and as I glanced over I saw the King covered in blood with an arrow through his chest. I limped over to him. He told me, " Carlos, whatever is to happen to Espana, do not let the Ranger order collapse. Do not let my legacy die out. When the time is right, I will return. "

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