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Hello, and welcome to my userpage. I am Curycoo, the founder of this wiki, and the president until mid 2011. After leaving and recieving numerous messages from various people about the inactive sysop policy, i was demoted to regular user. I have made several failed attempts to reengage myself with the wiki, like I said, never ending well. This time, however, in March of 2013, I think i can hang around for a while, and I have my own reasons for that involving things I'm not allowed to discuss. 

Anyways... enough about my history here, who am I?

I Am Curycoo.

As my username suggests, i am Curycoo (I used to be Piplupower). There are a lot of things on the internet involving Curycoo, as i have a wide spread over the web. 

Curycoo is many things. Curycoo is:

  • 2 level 90 characters on World of Warcraft.

Darrowmere US Alliance - HunterWoW.jpgCurycoo , Empire of Brutal Carnage

Magtheridon US Horde - Warlock.jpgCurycoo , Council of Ballers

  • 1 trial twink in WoW

Hellscream US Horde - Paladin.jpgCurycoo

  • A level 50 pirate in POTCO


  • A minecraft cracked client user
  • A youtuber

Old Channel (POTCO and other things)

Current Channel (World of Warcraft)

  • A typeracer

Best race 124 WMP, Average 108. Profile more up to date.

  • A member of the Preach Gaming community.

Preach Gaming is a WoW community that also hosts DayZ servers and Minecraft servers. It is focused around the youtube channel of a WoW player named Preach, who makes guides for the game.

  • A runescape character

I botted, shamefully enough... but not anymore, although I haven't actually played in a while. 

  • A Dota2 player

Only level 1, fairly new to the game

  • A RotMG player

Come try it. It's fun.

  • A Diablo III character

Capped level 60, never logged back in. 

  • A livestreamer

Only in 480p, computer and internet can't handle at 720p right now. Streaming on Twitch as Curycoo .