me finding tiger shark with magenta jacket at sea

My Seven Sea's Cutlass

My Doom Stinger Blade

My Spinecrest Sword.

My Tyrant Blade.

My Hull Ripper Blade

My Favorite,The Dark Mutineer.

My Ripsaw Blade.

Quested Bitter End

Erison and Pete dancing to the ThanksGiving Feast.

Me finding my Whalebone Blade!

My Scoundrel's Pistol

My Sacred Pistol.

Me finding Amazon Throwing Knives in a Loot Pouch.

Demon fang knives in a loot pouch.


Me Finding Grand Blunder :D

Me finding buccaneers blunder

me finding masterwork cutlass

me finding dagger of dark idol

me finding hex breaker musket

me finding dark black cotton puffy shirt

Me finding my Second Tyrant Blade.

Famed And Famed Cursed Blades!

Erison's Famed and Famed Cursed Blades! Enjoy! And If your wondering how I got to this point, well here's how, you see, one day when I was level 31 I was looting at General Darkhart with my friend Davy, I got knocked out while he was healing me, he pulled out Blightfang Edge to end Darkhart, after he revived me, I got jealous because at that time I thought I would never have a Blade like that, but then I soon realized, hey, If he could do it, why can't i? I then went on a never ending Determination for a sword like that, so I rushed to Isla Tormenta and that very

Me finding Golden Charm and the Dark Black Cotton Jacket.

day I arived I found Assassin's Cutlass, and I'll be darned, about a week later the first Famed Cursed Blade I found was the almighty Tyrant blade, when I was level 36, then came Whalebone Blade and scoundrel's Pistol, The Dark Mutineer and Spinecrest Sword, and when I decided to go to Raven's Cove the day I arrived I found Doom Stinger and Ripsaw blade, and 2 days after, I found Hull Ripper, all because I believed, I believed in myself that I could be Better than my friend davy, and that's how I ended up with all of these Powerful Famed Cursed Blades, because you have to have Determination, Determination like... My pet Ferret has to climb up on my desk and knock down things to annoy me, That, Is alot of Determination, And with Determination, you gain luck.


- Erison's Weapon belt Hull Ripper (F1) Tyrant Blade (F2) The Dark Mutineer (F3) Ripsaw Blade (F4.

Famed Items

NOTE: Some of the Items below have been thrown away to be replaced by better stuff, however, any Famed Item will be in the list below if found, even if they had or have to be trashed later on, Eric will always keep his second Tryrant Blade and Golden Charms until trading comes, if it does.

- Erison's Famed Items: Blightfang Edge, Tyrant Blade(of2), Hull Ripper, Ripsaw Blade, The Dark Mutneer, Whalebone Blade, Seven Sea's Cutlass, Tiger Shark Blade, Assassin's Cutlass Bloodfire Cutlass, Bejeweled Cutlass, Kingfisher Sabre, Great Hawk Sabre, Doom Stinger, Bitter End, Sword Master's Sabre, Bejeweled Sabre, Masterwork Cutlass, Bloodfire Broadsword, Masterwork Broadsword, Spinecrest Sword, Grand Blunderbuss, Buccaneer's Blunderbuss, Hex Breaker Musket, Dagger of the Dark Idol, Swamp Throwing Knives, Bayou Throwing Knives, Amazon Throwing Knives, Knives of the Hawk Idol, Knives of the Golden Idol, Demon Fang Knives, Swamp Dagger, Traitor's Dagger(Of2), Seven Sea's Dagger, Dagger of The Golden Idol, Lucky charm (of2) Golden Charm(of3), Revenant Cannon Ram(It's considered somewhat Famed for the work you do for it and also Of2) Scoundrel's Pistol, Scoundrels Musket, and Sacred Pistol(of2).


Eric's Legendary Weapon is the Highly Desired Lost Sword of El Patron!


Eric is willing to trade one of his Tyrant Blades for Admrials Cutlass or Fullmoonn Special Blunderbuss if trade ever comes, if you have any of these weapons and would like to trade it for Tyrant Blade, leave a comment below so I can friend you in POTCO.

Cannon Rams Found

. Revenant Cannon Ram

Me Finding Revenant Cannon Ram

. Haunted Cannon Ram

. Bloodhound Cannon Ram

. Like, a million Grey Hound Cannon Rams

. A million Fiery Cannon Rams

. And more

Forgot to screen Haunted and Bloodhound Rams, was in a rush, oops...

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