I'm here to help with just about any coding issues you may have!
My Birthday is in November 4, 2012!

 Welcome to my profile, friends and foes alike. As long as you cause no harm to my fellow Wikians or my homelands I shall treat you with deserved respect. As it were, I do enjoy spending time using the chat feature to instantly speak with any good member, discussing a variety of things. I enjoy coding and helping others out. If you need anything from me, I have a talk page you know.

Greetings courtesy of 閎黎皇帝

King Crown King CrownKing CrownKing CrownKing CrownKing CrownKing CrownKing CrownKing CrownKing CrownKing Crown
FailPwnz is too awesome for these User Ranks, and doesnt need or want them on His/Her Page
Japanese Flag FailPwnz is in The Government of Japan!
China-flag FailPwnz is a Chinese Character in POTCO
Webatlast20 FailPwnz has upgraded at least one ship to rank V or above!
ImagesCAJQ87YS FailPwnz has completed Chapter 1: The Black Pearl and retrieved the Black Pearl!
ImagesCA3H21DG FailPwnz has completed the Raven's Cove Story Quest and uncovered the Cursed Blades of El Patron!
LevelTemplate50 FailPwnz has reached Notoriety level 50!
Triforce FailPwnz has reached Notoriety level 50 and joined the No Groggy Club!
CompassSM FailPwnz is a master at Sailing!
Cannonmaster FailPwnz is a master of the Cannon!
MpTest icon FailPwnz is on the Test Server
Screen shot 2011-11-24 at 8.56.27 PM FailPwnz has reached the gold cap in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
Pirate Creation4 FailPwnz has 4 characters in POTCO.
Invasions FailPwnz has seen the green light in the sky and fights in invasions against Jolly Roger's Undead Skeletons!
Coin flip FailPwnz is Preparing for the next update!
Defeated QAR FailPwnz has sunk the Queen Anne's Revenge and defeated her notorious crew
It looks crazy FailPwnz has played Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Since 2007!
Everyship FailPwnz has bought every ship in the shipwright!
Capture 4 FailPwnz has beaten LaSchafe many times!
Icon players guide FailPwnz has defeated OVER 9000!!!!!! enemies!
Tailor Sign FailPwnz has completed all of the clothing quests offered by tailors.
Jeweler Sign FailPwnz has completed all of the jewelry quests offered by jewelers.
Tattoo Banner FailPwnz has completed all of the tattoo quests offered by tattoo shopkeepers.
Pistol eagle eye FailPwnz's Favorite server is Tortos!
180px-Teague FailPwnz has completed the Father's Day Quest!
Chat alot FailPwnz chats regularly at the POTCO Player's Wiki Chat!
Cannonsofthedeep FailPwnz has played Cannons of the deep before it got dis-continued!
A.Dog Outcast FailPwnz has found the legendary dog on Outcast Isle!
Addict This user probably spends more time on POTCO Players Wiki than in the game.
Potco-jolly-roger-425 FailPwnz has encountered Jolly Roger!
Screen shot 2012-02-17 at 11.25.39 AM FailPwnz has an old body type!
I LIED FailPwnz constantly lies!
User Rank
FailPwnz has the User Rank of Corsair with 2,704 Edits
Davvyyy KIIIII Index17
Male Blue FailPwnz is male.

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