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A rare coin i purchesed. It is 2 spanish Reales and was minted in Lima.


Me! ^.^

Freemason Francis Bluehawk is a follower of The Freemasons!

Navy Treasure Fleet Emblem Francis Bluehawk's Royal Navy Rank is Colonel.

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doom rattler!


My E.I.T.C. Vest i made from scratch!

Poor Old Soldier

Poor Old Soldier

Ha ha ha

Flogging Molly - Salty Dog

Flogging Molly - Salty Dog

One of my favourite songs!


Francis Bluehawk deals with an enemy soldier.

Rogues March

Rogues March


My Confederate Uniform coat.


Rebel ragalia

Wir Traben in die Weite

Wir Traben in die Weite

A most Wonderful song of the Freikorps! 1740's-1920

About me

Hello, my name really isnt Francis, but who cares... Anyways i am a skilled military leader and solder of reown and honor. I own many valuble items from the past and present including, armor, swords, bayonets, grenades, silver and gold coins military uniforms ammunation and too much other stuff that i cannot keep track of. If anyone ever needs help with in game military advice, please send me a message i always want to hear from people. As some of you may know i dont play pirates online aynymore, but i am trying to come back. You can find me on warband mount and musket where i am in the friekorps where i was serving as a jaeger.
French Icon Francis Bluehawk is a True Frenchman at heart!

LegendaryLure Francis Bluehawk is a Master Fisherman!

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