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A rare coin i purchesed. It is 2 spanish Reales and was minted in Lima.

Me! ^.^

Freemason.png Francis Bluehawk is a follower of The Freemasons!

Navy Treasure Fleet Emblem.jpg Francis Bluehawk's Royal Navy Rank is Colonel.

doom rattler!

My E.I.T.C. Vest i made from scratch!


Poor Old Soldier

Ha ha ha


Flogging Molly - Salty Dog

One of my favourite songs!

Francis Bluehawk deals with an enemy soldier.


Rogues March

My Confederate Uniform coat.

Rebel ragalia


Wir Traben in die Weite

A most Wonderful song of the Freikorps! 1740's-1920

About me

Hello, my name really isnt Francis, but who cares... Anyways i am a skilled military leader and solder of reown and honor. I own many valuble items from the past and present including, armor, swords, bayonets, grenades, silver and gold coins military uniforms ammunation and too much other stuff that i cannot keep track of. If anyone ever needs help with in game military advice, please send me a message i always want to hear from people. As some of you may know i dont play pirates online aynymore, but i am trying to come back. You can find me on warband mount and musket where i am in the friekorps where i was serving as a jaeger.

French Icon.png Francis Bluehawk is a True Frenchman at heart!

LegendaryLure.jpg Francis Bluehawk is a Master Fisherman!

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