Queen Grace V Redskull of Portugal

Sup people it's Graceh. :P Anyway, here's just some info about meh in reals. Enjoy!!!


Meh Pirate

Name: Capt. Grace Redskull

Level: 50 (maxed)

Roleplay: Queen of Portugal

Besties: Ben Squidskull (don't ask O_O); Tutti Fruitti (I think you all know who that is); Stormwalker (aka Stormeh :D); Madster; John Breasly; Johnny Goldtimbers (GOLDY!!!!); and many more :D

Favorite Things & Real Life

Sport: Volleyball, Baseball, TABLE TENNIS!!! <33333

Instruments: Clarinet, Drums, Guitar

T.V. Show: Family Guy, That '70s Show

Food: HOT POCKETS!!!! <3333

Drink: Diet Coke; water lol :)

Movie: The Woman In Black, Chronicle, Les Mis

Book: The Madman of Venice, Anastasia's Secret, The Man Who Was Poe,

Music: Marilyn Manson, Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne, Evanescence, QUEEN :D, The Band Perry

Thing to do: Sit in my closet (Don't ask why lol), POTCO, write like no tomorrow

What I do in my Free Time: You name it, I've probably done it (no not that you weirdos...)!

Languages: English, Spanish, Russian

Where I Work

At a local stable!!!! :D And at a summer camp

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