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About me

Griffin Crimsonblade is a mighty swordsman and a level 33. He is a officer of Savvys Academy. His best friend in the game is Chainhawk, who is currently the exact same level as him, 33. He began his adventure on Janruary 17, 2010. He loves hosting parties and just being part of them. His favorite mini-game is fishing, and his favorite card game is blackjack. He was formerly the guildmaster of Le Fantomes, but dissolved the guild because of the lack of players coming online. You can find Griffin on his favorite server, Kokojillo, usually on tormenta, el patron's mines, or just sailing with his guidmates (mostly on different servers), and the occasional run in with General Hex and Darkhart. He likes to be in the front lines of invasions with his sword drawn ready for battle, and will never back down from a good fight.

Overall Notoriety: Level 33

Sword: Level 30, Broadsword: Spinecrest Sword (famed) Cutlass: Cutlass of the Inquisition (famed) Saber: Bloodfire Saber (famed)

Gun: Level 17, Blunderbuss: Heavy Scattergun (rare) Musket/Bayonet: Buccaneer's Bayonet (rare) Pistol: Shadow Stalker Pisol (rare)

Voodoo Doll: Level 14, Wicked Doll (rare)

Dagger: Level 12, Dirk: War Dagger (common) Throwing Knives: Raven Fang Knives (rare)

Grenade: Level 14, Grenade (large) Pouch (common)

Voodoo Staff: Level 12, Dark Staff (common)

Sailing: Level 15, Merchant's Sea Chart (common) Frigate: Scarlet Raven (normal class) Galleon: Dark Maelstrom (normal class) Sloop: Red Griffin (war class),

Cannon: Level 15, Bronze Cannon Ram (common)

Note: Photo coming soon.

My favorite pages

My Pirates

  • Griffin Crimsonblade: Level 33
  • Silverblade: Level 21
  • Lisa Chainhawk: Level 14
  • Dog Pugwalker: Level 3

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