An epic picture. :P

Kingshead.jpg Jarod Pillagebane has done the Infamous Kingshead Glitch before it was fixed!

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250px-Blackbeard flag.jpg Jarod Pillagebane is a sworn pirate of the Seven Seas!

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This User has or is a Dwarf in Pirates Online!

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Jarod Pillagebane understands how to cheat masterfully in Blackjack (game related), and can give you a lesson if needed.

The Co. Empire.jpg Jarod Pillagebane was a member of the legendary EITC guild, The Co. Empire, before it got deleted.

I started playing on November 19th, 2007. I was a Founder, however, that account got hacked, and the guy cussed at a GM at a certain GM event (xD), and the noob got that account terminated -_-. I quit the game for a while and did other things before restarting on January 4, 2008, when my brother made a new account for me, but he created my pirate as a Dwarf, xD.

My favorite pages

My Pirates(And Their Role-play Names)

One of my mottos:Verlies nooit hoop, zal God ons helpen.

Another: Insane people do the most important things. Yet another: When you're feeling down, no need to frown—just shoot somebody to turn it around!

Quotes: (EITC Soldier, the name of whom I do not remember and don't care to

"You're insane!"

"Yep, known that for a while now. Explains a lot."

(Jarod ties rope to the back of his belt, attaches grappling hook, throws at stone railing, it hooks on) "You really are insane."

"If I wasn't I'd be dead."

(Soldier shoots at Jarod, and Jarod does a backflip off, dodges bullet, is swinging backwards and yelling. He gets to the other side and is flipped backwards onto the hard stone floor. Jarod snipes the soldier from afar with a musket).

"I don't play games. Is it not that the thin barrier between being sane and being a madman is holding yourself back to not do what you want?"

"I'm not a wannabe. There's nobody I wanna be, I'm already who I wanna be, and who would wanna be insane like me?"

(Jarod is surrounded by EITC soldiers, who are aiming bayonets at him). "Err . . . I'm sure we can work this out, savvy?" (Men cock their bayonets)

"Guess not."

(Jarod takes out his musket)

"Weapons down, pirate! Or I swear you shall be hanged by the morning."

"Hmmm, I'll consider it, but I think I'm going to the tavern tomorrow morning."

"You will do no such thing."

"Well, try hanging me and see what happens: nothing. You men have tried to hang me six times. What's happened? I've escaped. And besides, isn't seven supposed to be a lucky number?"

(Jarod loads hammer on his knee, hits the other men with it, runs, ties a jack on it to a rope, and fires it up. He goes flying up, and the bullet goes down and hits the last standing man. He lands on top of a massive flagpole, and he jumps straight down, two men gasping and mocking him for a fool. He catches a stray rope and swings so hard that he lands out of the fort, and on the sand near a bridge)

"Never mess with a Buff Dwarf, let alone an insane one."

Me Characters!

  • Jarod, lv50 (Main), aka Jarod Van Der Estaeaas

    Jarod, my main.

  • Will Swordskull, lv35 aka Declan William Finnegan "Swordskull" O'Connor

    Will Swordskull.

  • Jack Scurvymonger, lv17 aka Sean Patrick MacGregor Jack Scurvymonger.
  • Jack Plunderskull, lv12 aka Griffin Trahaearn Eustance (last active member of Militia Of Fuego)

    Jack Plunderskull.


620px-Screen_shot_2011-08-29_at_3.22.51_PM.pngJarod Pillagebane

Don Jar.png

Hey, <insert name here> welcome to my userpage!
About Me

made my player a very long time ago, on 19 November 2007, and am very knowledgeable about just about everything that ever happened in the whole game, such as the Kingshead Wars (I was in all of them), and old Port Royal, etc. Ok, a few things you should know about me. First, I used to be the GM of a very succesful guild called Dutch Empire. We were up to fifty member on the FIRST DAY,btw no noobs, and grew even more rapidly after that. It was extremely succesful, and it served its purpose ; it destroyed the Co. under the rule of Diego. It kind of fell apart after that, as they say, a valuable tool that served its purpose can be become worthless.

Ok, secondly, I am now creating a guild with one of my closest and greatest frineds, Captain Roger, whom I have known since I started playing, and my brother,Will. It is called O U T L A W S. Contact me to join, as I am sure it will be very successful (Dutch Empire had 357 people in it) and I am going to try to rally some of the former D.E. members to join. I believe some still play, such as Usman, Jack Hookwallace, Delta, Pirate, and several others. I was close friends with all members, especially the aforementioned few. I believe no matter what we went through, all of us former Dutch Empire members developed an unusually strong bond as not only friends, but a family of war masters and brilliant strategists. The undaunted courage I saw in battle was outstanding, and, though others may have forgotten the name, the mere mentioning of the name puts those times back in my head. We were not like other guilds. Other guilds did not, by far, have a bond anywhere close to as strong as ours. We were not like a guild, we were friends. We were family. Please, a quote by me: "There is no such bond stronger than one which developed in times of war." Will That was just to any former members who might by some chance see that. Anyway, there are many reasons I named the guild O U T L A W S, but I will just name the main few. Initially, I betrayed MANY guilds, even the guilds I betrayed enemy guilds FOR, which eventually led me into a wild run from the Co. That was when I created the Dutch Empire. Oh, how legendary they were in battle! One battle in particular. The battle of the Co. Empire under the rule of Diego. I don't know if anyone here remembers the Kingshead glitch, but the most legendary of all the wars in history happened there. Anyway we were pushing their troops back, and finally they fell back to the place with the assassins and mercenaries are near the jail with an Assasin in it, that used to be used as an actual jail back when Kingshead was a main island. It even had a teleportation totem (which was very helpful, being that you could just be there when you log off and be there when you come back on. The actual reason the Kingshead glitch was fixed is because some noob reported it, and they made the doors open, so that you could still go IN it, but you cannot go onto the ground where there would be no soldiers there at all), and the battle was getting intense. We finally drove them back behind the place with the Mercenary, and I pulled out my sword and stabbed Diego while the troops were distracted. He thought 'dead', and did the sleep emote. The troops were

disbanding, fleeing without a leader, but we caught the cowering men and they quickly surrendered. We were victorious. The Dutch Empire had served its purpose. There were several day of celebrating, followed by many people leaving. At first I was very confused, and then it hit me -the guild had served it's purpose, and was so purposeless. The guild fell apart after that. That is why I'm rallying the former members. To join, contact me either on the wiki, or online. You can usually find me in El Patron's Mines hunting for my legendary cursed blade in servers such as . . .

Some intense training with my guild..... lol

Galaira Eustabia Cortevos Abassa, dark hart (rarely)

To prove I know Dutch, here's my above profile in Dutch:

Remember: Cathair William "Pillagebane" O'Dolan

== Over mij


Hoi, mijn naam Jarod, (zowel mijn belangrijkste speler en mijn echte naam, maar ik weet niet hoe het was goedgekeurd, omdat het specifiek zegt "geen persoonlijke identificeerbare informatie. Bijvoorbeeld, kunt u niet gebruik maken van uw eigen naam." Misschien omdat ik mijn speler zo lang geleden. Ik weet zeker dat je niet zo voorzichtig ... wat dan ook) en als ik zeker weet dat u zijn opgevallen heb ik de zeldzaamste (en kleinste) formaat dat ooit mogelijk was om in de spel (Buff Dwerg) en ik hebben onlangs geworden lvl 50, dus ik ben niet zo goed als meer ervaren plunderaars dan ik, net als John Foulroberts, of Blackbeard, en ik heb alleen gevonden 34 Famed (Inclusief Smasho), en nog te vinden. legendarische, ondanks de ontelbare uren van plunderingen ..... Hoe dan ook, op mezelf. Ik heb mijn speler een heel lang geleden, in februari 2007, en ik ben zeer goed geïnformeerd over zowat alles dat ooit gebeurd is in het hele spel, zoals de Kingshead Wars (ik was in alle van hen), en oude Port Royal, etc . Ok, een paar dingen die je moet weten over mij. Eerst gebruikte ik als de GM van een zeer succesvolle guild genaamd Nederlandse Rijk. We waren tot vijftig lid op de eerste dag, btw geen noobs, en groeide nog sneller na dat. Het was uiterst succesvol, en het zijn doel gediend, het verwoest de Co onder de heerschappij van Diego. Het soort viel uit elkaar na dat, zoals zij zeggen, een waardevol instrument dat zijn doel gediend kan worden waardeloos geworden (of in ieder geval zeg ik dat, lol). Ok, ten tweede, ik ben nu het creëren van een gilde met een van mijn beste en grootste vrienden, kapitein Roger, die ik heb gekend sinds ik begon te spelen, en mijn broer, Will. Het heet Outlaw S. Neem contact met mij uit te nodigen, want ik ben zeker dat het zal zeer succesvol (Nederlands Rijk 357 mensen in zich had) en ik ga proberen om een ​​aantal van de voormalige DE rally leden uit te nodigen. Ik geloof dat sommige nog steeds spelen, zoals Usman, Jack Hookwallace, Delta, piraat, en verscheidene anderen. Ik werd goede vrienden met alle leden, met name de eerder genoemde paar. Ik geloof dat wat we ook meegemaakt, ieder van ons voormalig Nederlands-Rijk-leden ontwikkeld, een ongewoon sterke band als niet alleen vrienden, maar een familie van oorlog meesters en briljante strategen. De onverschrokken moed zag ik in de strijd uitstekend was, en hoewel anderen de naam vergeten, de loutere vermelding van de naam brengt die tijd terug in mijn hoofd. We waren niet zoals andere gilden. Andere gilden niet, veruit, hebben een band overal dicht bij zo sterk als de onze. We waren niet als een gilde, waren we vrienden. We waren familie. Alstublieft, een citaat van mij: ". Er is geen band sterker dan een die zich ontwikkelden in tijden van oorlog" Dat was alleen maar om een ​​oud-leden die door een kans zien. Hoe dan ook, er zijn vele redenen waarom ik de naam van de gilde Outlaws, maar ik zal gewoon de naam van het belangrijkste paar. In eerste instantie ben ik verraden VEEL gilden, ook de gilden ik vijand gilden verraden VOOR, die uiteindelijk leidde me naar een wild te lopen vanaf de Co Dat was toen ik de Nederlandse Rijk. Oh, hoe legendarisch waren ze in de strijd! Een gevecht in het bijzonder. De strijd van de Co Rijk onder de heerschappij van Diego. Ik weet niet of iemand hier herinnert zich de Kingshead glitch, maar de meest legendarische van alle oorlogen in de geschiedenis gebeurd daar. Hoe dan ook we waren duwen hun troepen terug, en uiteindelijk vielen ze terug naar de plek met de moordenaars en huurlingen zijn in de buurt van de gevangenis met een Assassin in het, dat wordt gebruikt om te worden gebruikt als een echte gevangenis toen Kingshead was een van de belangrijkste eiland. Het had zelfs een teleportatie totem (die was zeer behulpzaam, is dat je gewoon kon er zijn wanneer u zich afmeldt en er zijn als je weer op. De werkelijke reden dat de Kingshead glitch was vastgesteld is omdat sommige noob gemeld, en zij maakten de deuren open, zodat je zou kunnen zodat je kon nog steeds naar IN, maar je kan niet op de grond waar er er geen soldaten helemaal niet), en de strijd werd steeds intenser. We uiteindelijk dreef hen terug achter de plaats met de Mercenary, en ik trok mijn zwaard en gestoken Diego, terwijl de troepen werden afgeleid. Hij dacht dat 'dood', en deed de slaap emote. De troepen waren ontbinden, op de vlucht zonder leider, maar we vangen de bange mannen en ze snel overgegeven. We behaalden de overwinning. De Nederlandse Rijk had zijn doel gediend. Er waren verschillende dagen van de viering, gevolgd door vele mensen weg te gaan. In het begin was ik erg in de war, en dan drong het tot me-de gilde had gediend is het doel, en was zo doelloos. Het gilde viel uiteen na dat. Dat is de reden waarom ik ben rally van de oud-leden. Om mee te doen, neem dan contact me op de wiki, of online. Meestal kunt u mij in mijnen El Patron's op jacht naar mijn legendarische vervloekte mes mes in servers, zoals ......

Galaira; Eustabia; Cortevos; Abassa, donker hart (zelden)

The tale of the Life and Death of Matthew Pillagebane the 1st

There were once two brothers, very young and extremely intelligent, who were the children to Sarah and Thomas Pillagebane. The eldest, Matthew, was incredibly strong and a very fine sailor at that. He was also an incredibly skilled marksman, and his father gave him his first pistol at tue age of ten. Next, the youngest, Jarod, who was just plain out brilliant and one of the best swordsmen in the Caribbean, and like his brother in many ways, resembled his father greatly. He, at the age of eight, was given his first sword by his father. A sharp, light, cutlass that used to belong to Jarod's grandfather, who was the captain of an E.I.T.C. Juggernaut class ship. The blade was a bit rusty near the hilt, which was embroidered heavily with gold and a large emerald, but he quickly learned how to sharpen, clean, polish, and even make his own swords by the time he was nine. By ten he had his own fencing class and taught children his age to fence. By twelve he was teaching grown men and new recruits to the E.I.T.C. and Royal Navy, though the seemingly incapable cadets were driving him crazy. With Matthew, things were similar. He could shoot a rum bottle off the crow's nest of a ship leaving port. He, too, taught lessons, and soon earned enough gold to buy an ornate and gold encrusted tri-barrel pistol that had such long range, matthew would sometimes fire it at a rum bottle in his father's hand from an are where he could't see him as a joke. Similar with Jarod, who bought a long and sharp encrusted with gold and was requestedly engraved with an etching of a Dutch fencing master,

,a slender and light bejeweled hanger with a blade made of tempered steel,

and, finally, his personal favorite; a cutlass with a gold hand guard and a detachable pommel that had room to conceal extra bullets and a pistol.

As they grew older, Matthew and Jarod became more loyal to each other and even more skilled with the weapons they specialized in. Then, they met Roger. Roger was soon their best friend, and practiced weapons with them, as he was as skilled with a dagger as Jarod was with a sword. He carried a short, bejeweled one that had his name carved into it and was extremely sharp.

But then, one day, their parents were falsely jailed for helping pirates escape the Navy's custody, and were executed. They were infuriated, and began attacking

navy forts; Fort Charles, Fort Dundee, and finally, Kingshead. It was an epic battle, the men on board their ship firing cannons at the main fort. There was a landing party made up of Jarod,

Matthew,Roger, and several other men. They sneaked around to the back entrance, and blew up the marching grounds in a massive explosion caused by black powder, a grenade, and a lot of running and taking cover. They made their way up to the main tower,and split up into groups - Roger, Matthew, and Jarod, and several crew members, the other with the remainder of the landing party. Jarod and Roger climbed to the roof, and got alined with two assassins guarding the entrance, and jumped down onto them, disarmed them, and pushed them off the ledge of the high tower to their harsh deaths. They then found Beckett inside! They took him for ransom, and gave him back as an underfed and small mess. Later, Matthew met Rosa Seafellow. They met at a tavern, and both enjoyed each other greatly.One full year later, they were married. One day, she told him she was having a son. That was the day Will was born. He had uncountable likeness to Jarod, with the identical dark green and piercing eyes, the same ash blonde hair with natural highlights of a lighter color. Then, five years later, a crew of pirates a crew of pirates attacked the town. They were, despite the somewhat useless barricades, storming the town and pillaging everything in sight. Sadly, before he could get to her, Rosa was killed by a crewman. Matthew was so filled with fury that he shot the him. Another pirate stabbed Matthew, and he knew he was going to die. As his dying wish, and with his last few breaths, Matthew requested for Jarod to to take care of Will.

Jarod trained Will to be a great swordsman, though he also took after his father as an excellent marksman. Jarod took good care of him. Jarod and Roger taught him how to fight and the basics of piracy. Will was becoming an excellent swordsman, and was making excellent progress. One day, he was nineteen, and he realized he had enough gold from his father's will that he found e had enough money to buy an extremely decorated Brig of War that used to belong to Carlos II of Spain. It was very ornately crafted, and he upgraded it with many cannons and black sails. He also had enough money to buy an extremely ornate bayonet with a bronze barrel and gold and jewel encrusted butt. He sailed out of the waters of the Caribbean and terrorized the waters off of Padres Del Fuego. He eventually earned a bounty of fifty thousand gold pieces, and a bounty hunter came after him. He found out that the bounty hunters were none other than the pirates that killed his parents! He maneuvered around to its blind spot, where it had no cannons, and opened fire with a broadside. Four cannon balls smashed into the Captain's Cabin, and crippled the Captain's leg. Three smashed the rudder chain and demobilized the ship. They then boarded the crippled vessel and attacked the crew. Four pirates attacked Will, and he climbed in to the rigging. Two other pirates followed him and were about to shoot him when he jumped onto another rope. And the other pirates did the same they were going around him, and were about to get to him when he slid down the rope. Their ropes entwined and they crashed into each other in a large collision. When he slid down, he fell down onto another pirate and he cell to the ground. Realizing he had left his pistols on e ship, he took the fallen pirate's. He shot two carpenters swinging at him from a rope with cutlasses. He drew his cutlass and was thrown into the heat of the battle. He told many of the crewman to go back to the ship (which he had named the Dark Executioner, in honor of Jarod's much larger war frigate), and had a team of men load all of the cargo onto a longboat and have it ready. When they were finished, the men who had gotten the cargo rowed to the ship, and Will and the remainder of the men who stayed on board swung aboard the Dark Executioner with Grappling Hooks. The crew fired their carronades (large cannons built to fire massive 20 pound cannon balls with short range) and sent the bounty hunters ( their ship was called the Cutthroat Scoundrel) to the bottom.

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