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About Me

The flag of my country, Great Britain.

I am First General of the Royal British Marines Johnathan Francis Anthony O' Reilly, or just Johnny Coaleaston. I first joined the game in 2008 as Edward Coaleaston, in early January, but unfortunately, as I was a basic access member at the time, never became a founder. I played for about a year in the changing East India Trading Company roleplay guilds, and then went into a period some players call "The Dark Ages" or inactiveness. When I decided to return in March, 2009, I had forgotten my account name and password. I decided to continue the Coaleaston legacy, and name myself Johnny Coaleaston. I have played on him ever since. I am currently a level 49 in notoriety, and the husband of my loving wife, Princess Amelia Elenaor Augustus, or just Emily Mcsteel. I am the guildmaster of the guild The King's Marines, as it only fits to my position as Head of the Royal Marines. I hold many other positions and titles, which I have listed below. I am also author of the currently growing series of books called The O' Reilly Series, and have started on The O' Reilly Series: Book One and The O' Reilly Series: Book Two, the story of my life in POTCO.

My Titles

  • First General of the Royal Marines
  • Second Sea Lord of the Royal Navy
  • Head Secretary of the Royal Navy
  • Aide to Lord Matthew Faye
  • Royal Diplomat of England
  • Lord Speaker in the British Parliament
  • Duke of Essex
  • Governor of Massachusets
  • Head Secretary of State to Northern Ireland
  • Lord in the East India Trading Company
  • Minister of New France
  • Count of France
  • Prince of Italy

Where to Find Me

Aye, I may be an intense roleplayer, but I am still an active Wikian, and will be glad to help any newcomers to the Wiki in any ways possible. If anything, I can help you make page banners, and just simply navigate the Wiki. If you wish to contact me, find me on User talk:Johnny Coaleaston, or if you wish to send me a private message, send an email to, and I will be glad to help you with anything you need.

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