King Yellowfish I

aka King Yellowfish I

  • I live in not jamaica
  • I was born on August 26
  • My occupation is not a gangsta
  • I am not actually black

murdered by the internet creep and potential terroist, nazi guy

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Warlord Legends

Co. Special Ops

B L A Z I N G Pride!

The Imperial Government of Switzerland

Proudly Presented Titles:

EITC Flag <insert name here> is a Co. Special Op!
Screen shot 2012-01-29 at 3.19.25 PM King Yellowfish I is a member of Delta Rangers!
Custom Flag -2 King Yellowfish I was a member of The Outlanders
POTCOGen1 King Yellowfish I is from the 1st POTCO Generation!


  • Founder of Co. Special Ops
  • Viceory of Croatia
  • former Prime Minister of Norway
  • King of Switzerland

Hi, I'm David Yellowfish, Emperor of Switzerland! I started potco on December 17, 2006. I was 7 then so I didn't really know anything about the game :/, I quit and made a new account on July 14, 2007.Sadly, I forgot I had these accounts so I ended up making two accounts in 2008 (one on them is Yellowfish) and 4 accounts in 09. So far, I have recovered about 3 of them.


David Yellowfish (GM of Warlord Legends) 50
Tiger Raider 25
Terror of the High Seas
User Rank
King Yellowfish I has the User Rank of Terror of the High Seas with 786 Edits
212px-Koreangold.png This user is in the first and primary Korean guild, Warlord Legends.
Koreanflag.png David Yellowfish holds the title in the Korean govorment as King of Korea
Bandicam_2013-07-10_20-55-43-112.jpg David Yellowfish's official name is: 지구의 신, 생명의 왕, Emperor of the Joseon.
Coool.png <insert name here> is unstoppable in PvP and is a retired assassin!


King Yellowfish I is far too mighty for these weaklings!


King Yellowfish I is in possession of the Nautilus weapon.

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Moon's Crew, Causing Trouble Since August 1, 2010!
BDAY! ! ! !
Happy Birthday who ever birthday is it!!
BDAY! ! ! !
Fire jumper
King Yellowfish I is very active on POTCO Players Wiki!
Fire jumper
Potco-jolly-roger-425 King Yellowfish I has encountered Jolly Roger!
Diamond ore King Yellowfish I Plays Minecraft as well!
Screen shot 2012-02-17 at 11.25.39 AM King Yellowfish I has an old body type!
Screen shot 2012-01-29 at 3.19.25 PM King Yellowfish I is a member of Delta Rangers!
EITC Flag <insert name here> is a Co. Special Op!
Screen shot 2011-11-24 at 8.56.27 PM King Yellowfish I has reached the gold cap in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
220px-Gesture thumb up then down forefinger out like gun King Yellowfish I can sink ships by pointing their finger!
Happy Halloween!
King Yellowfish I is celebrating Halloween!

Curse good quality King Yellowfish I has fought in the violent cursed of the Muertos Moon!
Guild Userbox ImageEITC King Yellowfish I is a EITC Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
Bandicam 2013-08-18 23-26-46-463


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