aka The Troll Within

  • I live in District 69... May the odds be ever in your favor!
  • My occupation is Backing up sewers, reversing street signs, and stealing everybody's left shoe.
  • I am a starbucks chihuahua. AWWW YEA

The Basics

Wow, it's been a long time.

Hey! I'm Tina. I live in the land of the recent shark attacks and I'm a fresh-meat M.E. freshman at Georgia Tech. I'm very socially awkward and politically incorrect (sorry not sorry). I'm also hyperactive and compulsive to a fault. I'm infamous for making perverted (and just generally bad) jokes. Guys put up with me more often than girls; I'm about as blunt as a battering ram. I'm pretty nerdy, too... Not just *omg COD teehee lemme take a selfie* nerdy, but hopelessly and pathetically addicted to Harry Potter/Percy Jackson/Star Wars/Battlestar Galactica/Skyrim/SWTOR/Halo/Naruto /YuGiOh/Teen Titans/Game of Thrones/the weird part of YouTube/reading in general... et cetera. Long story short, I've given my mother lectures about the Sand People of Tatooine and I have a very large amount of... well, very impractical knowledge.

Awkward introductions suck, don't they? Not sure whether I feel narcissistic or helpful (to those similarly afflicted with social ineptitude who internet-stalk rather than talk to people face-to-face).

For My Fellow Stalkers

  • I'm really not that interesting, but if you're anything like me and enjoy reading into others' lives, I'm more than happy to cater to your obsession. I'm also bored and I don't want to sleep because I'm on vacation and screw sleep schedules.
  • My best friends are Hermit (Parax/Shade Link, as he's better known), Samfish (Goldvane; he hates it when I call him the other one), Jay (Bill Plunderbones), Chan (BoogieMango), and at least two other people I'm forgetting because it's 2AM (it's not you, it's me). I talk to Sam a disproportionate amount because we've had a weird mind-meld thing going on for our 3 (4?) year friendship and he's always been a good guy (if a bit of a punkass) to me. I've known Hermit for five years now and he's my favorite psychopath of all time.
  • My family is full of ridiculousness. That's why I love them and spend 90 percent of my life harassing them. Most "whereabouts" questions can probably be answered with "with da fam."
  • Facebook: Tina Pantalones Instagram: _thatnerdoverthere My friend actually made the instagram for me.
  • It is entirely possible to be bright yet incredibly lazy. I mourn the death of my work ethic quite often.
  • I am willing to befriend pretty much anyone, and if you present yourself, I will probably give you a free hug and a cup of coffee (assuming you aren't sick or inebriated).
  • To all those who are sort of with someone and sort of not and it's very super duper mega complicated-- I feel you so much. Spirit hugs x9000. Much love many supports.
  • Alright, I can feel my brain deflating a bit, I probably do need to get some sleep. I swear I like other people, just not mornings or Mondays.
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