Leon Callewrecker

Leon Callewrecker - Guild Master - Masters and Skulls

I have been with the Savvy's guilds for almost a year and now my mastered pirate is co-guild master of the Masters and Skulls guild, another part of the Savvy's team, and I am proud to be working with such good people.

My life mate, Beth Blueeagle is a staunch supporter of my efforts to build Masters and Skulls in to one of the best guilds in the game.

Contact Information

For those who would like to get to know me email me at....

My favorite pages

My Pirates

  1. Leon Callewrecker - GM - Masters and Skulls - level 50
  1. Leon Callewrecker - Officer - Savvys Academy - level 48 for now
  2. Zuse - Officer - Masters and Skulls - level 27 for now
  3. Joe The Tarror level 13 for now
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