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Ahoy there, Fellow human being!

A little bit about me.

Hi, <insert name here>!I prefer to be called Mallace, if thats possible. 

I am a rollback/chatmod here and will be happy to help with any actions to protect from vandalism or solve any sort of issue of that necessity. Contact me 24/7... I'm here quite a lot!

I was a proud POTCO player all the way up to its closing.  I had a former Pirate, Captain Andrew who was level 50 but unfortunately, was lost. I then played on a new account, Lord Mallace. You could find me roleplaying with my fellow countryman from England. The game had a great run.

Long before POTCO's closing, John Breasly did me the grand favor of introducing me to minecraft in March of 2012. It was there that I began to learn about my ambitious, competitive, business-savy side, creating a server that was at one time, the 9th most successful in the entirety of the United States. I still play on minecraft frequently, and usually with a few pals from here.

Following my spree on minecraft, I've begun playing other games like POTBS and SWTOR, kepeing alive my love of roleplay. Can't wait to experience them more.

So thats me. I've been here for 3 years and I love the community... and I plan to reform as much of it that I can. You'll find me frequently providing my input on the Seven Sea's Court (SCC) and trying to make the wiki a better place. Please feel free to leave me any sort of message on my Talk Page. To keep up with my findings, travelings, roleplaying's and other things, follow my blogs. Keep Cool!

Roleplay History and Former Guilds (POTCO)

I've roleplayed a lot.. and I've been on the game since July, 2008. Here's a list of where I've been.

  • Great Brtiain (Nationality):HCO (High Commanding Officer, 3nd In Command of the country), Lord Chancellor, Former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Viceroy of Denmark, Chief Executive Secretary to the Court of Directors, High Council hand-picked member, Head of Southern European Affairs, Right hand man to the Prime Minster, Head Royal Advisor to the Crown of England... and so much more
  • The L.E.G.I.O.N. Fighterz: (High Officer), Head of Wiki development and partly recruitment, communications and relations.
  • The East India Trading Company (EITC): Head of the Department of Discipline,Head of Baltic District Affairs, Chief Executive Secretary to the Court of Directors, Overseer of the Lord Governor, Head Senior Lord, and much much more.
  • British EITC Military (Officer, Third In Command)
  • The Kings Marines (Officer)
  • The Engish Empire (Officer/GM substitue, Second In Command W/Lord Jeremiah Garland.)
  • The Co. Black Guard (Officer, 3rd in command)
  • East India Empire (Officer, 4th in command)
  • Lords Of England (Co-GM, Second in Command)
  • The Grand Army (GM)
  • United Empire (Co-GM, Second in Command)
  • The Co. Empire (Co-GM, Second in Command)


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Bon Voyage!

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