French Icon.png Lord Jack Hirsch is a True Frenchman at heart!
Computergeek.gif Lord Jack Hirsch is a coding master and would be happy to help you. Computergeek.gif

Hallo meine Mitfreunde! My name is Lord Jack Hirsch (Goldwrecker) of France and Germany! I'm a proud Englishmen, German, and Frenchmen. I currently work in the Navy and EITC as a Lord. When I say EITC, I don't mean Co. Black Guard and Goldtimbers, I mean i'm with Lord Marshal Samuel Harrington of the EITC, with Eric and Sven Daggersteel. I am usually seen on tortuga abassa, or any forts on populated servers. I'm good friends with all my EITC comrades, and I hope anyone wanting to meet me in-game or ask me some questions will do so without hesistation. Auf Wiedersehen!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Lord Jack Hirsch von neuem Frankreich und von Deutschland

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