Ned Whalebreaker

  • I live in Boston Mass.
  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is Bro. i'm still in school
  • I am Male

Ned Whalebreaker of the EITC

I used to play POTCO but i'm just a POTCO Players Wikier

Well, obviously i'm Ned Whalebreaker and this is obiously my wiki page. So now then, I shall tell you what i like and what i dont like...

I LIKE: Baseball, Family, Guitar, Music, Wrestling, UFC, the Boston Red Sox!!! working out, and obiously POTCO.

I DISLIKE: Soccer ( gosh thats gonna get me in trouble ), The Yankees, stalkers :P, and YOLO ( i mean we get it you only live once but some morons chant YOLO YOLO YOLO... Dave why did you jump of the eiffle tower? YOLO)

I LOVE : GOD ( I ain't that religious pals )

I HAVE A STRONG HATRED OF: satan ( no caps for him :P )

Ok on to the next thing...

My family

Richard Rigstealer ( bro) - Unknown

Charles Whalebreaker ( bro ) - dead

Jeff McIron ( cousin ) - Unknown

William Sharkfury ( son ) - Unknown

James ( son) - Dead

Vanessa Whalebreaker ( daughter ) - Ran Away with a boy >:I

That is all my family that really mattered...

My friends

Ok I have a lot of friends so i'm just gonna mention my active awesome epic friends

Samuel Wavepaine

Samantha Goldshot

Artemis ( yeah.... it's not as awkward as you would think )

I hate YOLO

Swordsmen Matthew

That's all.

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