Real Life

Favorite Sport:/

Favorite Game: POTCO

Real Name: awedfoihasodfhoaushdfouhwae (I'm not going to tell you... STALKER!!!!!)

Birthday: January 3



Here is my complete friends list as of 7/1/2011 3:36 PM PDT, 4:36 Central Time and 6:36 EST:

Friends list

All wiki users are circled in orange. Wiki President, Curycoo is circled in green

Most Annoying Person I know

Jimmmy Bloodsliver

St. Richards

My private estate, St. Richards Palace where I currently am residing with my friend, Matthew Blastshot and Father

No eye

Edgar Wildrat's Bodyguard, No-Eye

My Pirates

  • Edgar Wildrat-Prince of England,
  • Pvper
Jakcs brew

My favorite potion


Pearl Boss Battle: 3 people, one level 50 (mastered all besides cannon) One me (level 46, fury ammoless) and Swashbuckler (level 32 sailing level 14 and cannon level 13) only 30 fury were shot, on the first barricade only.

Rarest Boss Killed: Henry Flint

Second Rarest Boss Killed: Edward Kignsley the cadet Boss

Third Rarest Boss Killed: El Patron

Hardest Boss Killed: Foulberto Smasho

Wiki Achievements

I am ranked #4 or 5 in edits.

Notoriety 50 My current gold cap changes all the time but at the moment I wrote this it is 1,558 and my HP cap is 3263 and my voodoo cap is 621
Sailing 27
Cannon 23
Sword 30 Mastered
Gun 30 Mastered
Doll 30 Mastered
Dagger 30 Mastered
Grenade 24
Staff 30 Mastered
Potions 17
Fishing 11
War Frigate Headhunter Thunder
War Sloop White Star
Light Sloop Red Star
Favorite Sword Engraved Broadsword
Favorite Gun Holy Pistol
Favorite Doll Far BinderDoll
Favorite Dagger Knives of The Golden Idol
Favorite Grenade Ammo Fire Bomb
Favorite Staff Vile Staff
Favorite Weapon Holy Pistol


Lots and lots and lots and lots of people!

Crazy jump
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