My Weapon Belt

My weapon belt normally is a Engraved Broadsword (for close combat), Holy Pistol (my main weapon), Corsairs Bayonet (for sniping) Knives of The Golden Idol (in pvp, if I ever need to quickly kill someone I can use vipers nest)

Organizations I am a part of

  1. Anglo-Alliance
  2. International Trading Bank
  3. United Freedom Confederacy
  4. The EITC
  5. World Wide Weapon Makers
  6. EGOE
  7. Followers of Armagadon
  8. Follower of the Light
  9. Royale Alliance
  10. POTCO Players Wiki
  11. Pirates Players Wiki
  12. Pirates SvS Wiki
  13. Pirates (minor)
  14. People who actually want peace and don't just say they do just to create some other war like Captain Leon/Leonita did
  15. Persian Government
  16. Governor of the Holy City
  17. One out of two authors of the Horror
  18. One of two authors of the Lost Weapons of El Baker
  19. The Noob Academy and Learning Center
  20. Evil Laugh Collection
  21. The Nose Collection

Appearnces (Fictonal/Non-Fictonal Wiki Stories)

  • The Chronicles of John Breasly: Book One
  • (?) The chornicles of John Breasly: Book Two
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Pirate Wars
  • The Actual Happenings of Edgar Wildrat's POTCO Life
  • The Adventures of Lawrence Daggerpaine (?)
  • The Wildrat Saga

Possible Appearnces

  • (?) John Breasly Joins PotCO
  • The Chronicles of John Breasly: Book Two & Three

Want me to be in your book/story? Did I forget to add your book/story? Tell me so on my Talk Page, Thanks!

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  • Edgar Wildrat is never seen with out his Royalty Ring on the second fingure of his left hand
  • Edgar Wildrat has a Hidden Bullet Arm Wound
  • Edgar Wildrat has Green Hair
  • Edgar Wildrat LOVES the color green
  • Edgar Wildrat best gun is his Holy Pistol
  • Edgar Wildrat is Prince of England
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