Prince Edgar Wildrat of England

aka Edgar Wildrat

  • I live in The West Coast :O
  • I was born on January 3
  • My occupation is Wikian, Minecrafter, Pirate, Anti-Robloxian
  • I am Awesome :D
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==How did it get changed O_o==
|id =
|info =Only <span class="countdowndate"> January 3, 2012</span> until my next birthday!!
|info-c =Blue
|info-fc =White
|border-c =DarkBlue
|border-s =4
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[[File:Animated-welcome-1-.gif|right]][[File:Screenshot_2011-08-07_12-07-46.jpg|thumb|400px|Edgar Mastering!! ]]
Hi, I'm Prince Edgar Wildrat of England. I have the third or fourth most edits here on the wiki with <font face=Pristina size=5px color=Crimson>{{Special:Editcount/Prince Edgar Wildrat of England}}</font> total edits. I'm also pretty decent at coding. I give myself a 5-6 in overall knowledge of wikia.css. Currently, I am Prince of England in the game. I enjoy leveling, pvp and editting here on the wiki. Some pages I'm busy on is [[The Dark]] which I adopted. But, I am trying to get one of my famous pages back into its glory days so could you go The Noob Academy and Learning center by clicking [[The Noob Academy and Learning Center|here.]] As for in game? Well, I'm trying to finally master. You'll find me on any server anywhere. I tend to move around when looting and fighting. I've done non-stop levelling and haven't gotten a lot of famed. I only have three famed and one cursed famed. I hope to get The Lost Sword or another famed because I find that you gain the class of weaponry that you use so I tend to only use my rare or famed. I've completed every quest too. I'm only missing the french svs quest but I need to do a little more on that one. For infamy is Lieutenant and Duelist, but I want a PvP level up so I'd be glad to farm you, just [[User talk:Prince Edgar Wildrat of England|message me here]] if you want to farm in pvp. Well, if you've read this much about me you must wanna read my page, here it is:
<gallery captionalign="left">
Edgar as a hippie.PNG|Me as a hippie
Edgar Wildrat in his serious pose.PNG|A portrait of me
77.PNG|Standing....standing....and standing.....
333.PNG|Why is he laughing.....?
Captain.PNG|My angry clothes
Cardinal Assassin.PNG|Oh ya.....
Demon King.PNG
Farmer Boy.PNG
Lover Man.PNG
Party Man outfit.PNG
Revised Pilgrim.PNG
Rich Man.PNG
Edgar in Casual.PNG|Edgar in his Casual Attire
Edgar Casual (2).PNG|Edgar in his casual Attire (2)/Edgar in his Battle Attire
Edgar Formal.PNG|Edgar in his Formal Attire
Edgar in his Swimming Attire.PNG|Edgar in his Swimming Attire
Edgar holding his Pistol.PNG|Edgar holding his Grand Repeater Pistol ready for battle
Edgar holding his Rust Sabre.PNG|Edgar holding his Rusty Sabre
Edgar holding his Pirate Blade.PNG|Edgar holding his Pirate Blade
Crazy jump.png|Thats him way up there ITS CRAZY! That was the day he actually flew from the Swift Foot Potion Glitch, he jumped from Governors Mansion to the water on the other side O_o twas crazy
More soon.PNG

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How did it get changed O_oEdit

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