aka Wils

  • I live in Pirate Academy
  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is Looter
  • I am Male

The Rejectlegends

About Rejectlegend

Hiya, I'm Rejectlegend! My main pirate, Sam Swordskull, is a level 48 pirate in the Caribbean.

Sam is a Member of Emerald Regiment. I joined them in November 2012 and already love the people and how organized and active it is.

My other pirate, Centurion Sam, is just a minor pirate right now. He was recently made and is only level 2. I plan to make him a Guildmaster and for the Guild name to have a Roman theme. Centurion will be a master of the sword and dagger like a true Roman.

I love to help people and give them tips and tricks that I have learned over time, so if you ever need help with anything, be sure to walk up and say hello! I generally get along with people.

Keep yer blades drawn and yer rum hidden! - Sincerely, Rejectlegend.

The Rejectlegends

  1. Sam Swordskull - Level 48 - Emerald Regiment (Member)
  2. Centurion Sam - Level 2 - (None)


  1. Sam Swordskull
  • SvS: Rank 3 - Commander
  • PvP: Rank 2 - Brawler


Sam Swordskull

  • Notoriety: Level 48
  • Cannon: Level 27
  • Sailing: MASTERED
  • Sword: MASTERED
  • Shooting: MASTERED
  • Voodoo Doll: MASTERED
  • Dagger: MASTERED
  • Grenade: Level 16
  • Voodoo Staff: Level 27
  • Potion Brewing: Level 12
  • Fishing: MASTERED


Diamond ore Rejectlegend Plays Minecraft as well!

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