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About me

Im a level 48 Pirate who has achived many things on Pirates of the Carribean Online.

Im a politician in my guild and alliance and have been Consul for the Royale Alliance twice and Chancellor another time.

Im a General at heart and never pass down a chance to fight.

Me commanding some Soldiers to form a Musket line.

Some of my Friends are, John Breasly, Francis Bluehawk, William O'Roberts, Nate Raidhawk, Jack Cannonhawk, Syko, Ned Swordmartin, Hernandez, Johnny Dockshot, Captian Ryan, Pearson Wright, Duchess of Amemois, Cad Bane, Matthew Daggermenace, Cadet, Hannah Bluefeather, Lawrence Daggerpaine, and many others!

I am the First Person to ever earn the First mate Badge :P

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