My Friends, and also Pictures.

Inner family (Ones I live with).

  1. Roger Decksteel. (My best friend and the love of my life.)
  2. Emily Anna Decksteel. (Oldest daughter)
  3. Ishamel Decksteel. (Adopted)
  4. Luckey Decksteel. (Adopted)
  5. Bart Decksteel. (Adopted)
  6. Liz Decksteel. (Adopted)
  7. Roger Jr. Jacob Decksteel. (Oldest twin) (Died)
  8. Michael Aaron Decksteel. (Youngest twin) (Died)

    Me, as a pirate.

Outer Family and Friends.

  1. Davy Goldshot. (Brother) (30 years old)
  2. Rose Daggerskull - Goldshot. (Step-mom) (48 years old)
  3. Tobias Sterneaston. (Step-dad) (50 years old)
  4. Anne Veer - Sterneaston. (Mother) (50 years old)
  5. John Goldshot. (Father) (Died)
  6. "King" Jacob Goldshot of Norway. (Grandpa) (Died)

    Eric, Me, Lucky, Francis, and Bart.

  7. "Queen" Elizabeth Goldshot of Norway. (Grandma) (Died)
  8. Maureen Johnson - Veer. (Grandma) (Died)
  9. Gustav Veer. (Grandpa) (Died)
  10. Jeremiah Goldshot. (Cousin) (Grog's and Sarah's son) (25 years old)
  11. Solomon Goldshot. (Cousin) (Grog's and Sarah's son) (27 years old)
  12. Jack Goldshot. (Cousin) (Grog's and Sarah's son) (26 years old)
  13. Catherine Goldshot. (Cousin) (Grog's and Sarah's daughter) (24 years old)
  14. Johnny Goldshot. (Cousin) (Edgar's & Meghan's son) (23 years old)
  15. Christoper Goldshot. (Cousin) (Edgar's & Meghan's son) (30 years old)
  16. Uncle (Doctor) Grog Goldshot. (Uncle) (55 years old)
  17. Sarah Hansen - Goldshot. (Aunt) (Died)
  18. Edgar Goldshot. (Uncle) (Died)
  19. Meghan Brown - Goldshot. (Aunt) (Died)
  20. Charognard. (Best Friend)
  21. Ned Whalebreaker. (Friend)

    Me, and Ned!

  22. Marc Cannonshot. (Friend) (King of U.S.A)
  23. William BrawlMartin. (Friend)
  24. Nicolas Flamberge. (Friend)
  25. Emily Darkvane. (Friend)
  26. Nate Crestbreaker. (Friend)

My Pirates, and some more Pctures.

First Pirate: Samantha Goldshot. (Me) Second Pirate: Anne Veer.

Me, and my best friend Chair (Charognard)!

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