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Go to my player, Zachary if you want to know my story. Go to my new story, kind of similar to the current one I have but will focus more on the Legend of the Sea Guardian and the Sea, and this new story will take place after the original story, which will leave mysteries on how the original story all led up to the story of the Sea Guardian. This is what I like to call; Another Side, Another Story

Name: Minor Zachary Rojas Rivera. It's a mouthful I know.

Age: 18

Date of Birth: June 2nd, 1995.

Height: 6'

Heritage: Puerto Rican/Coasta Rican

Country: U.S.A. and Puerto Rico

Language: English, Spanish

Favorite Color: Red, like my last name baby, JAJAJAJA, but Blue is still cool, and Gold along with Black, oh yeeeeeaaaahhhhh, and brown too, I don't why brown, but I like it.

Sign: Heck should I know, all I know is that my birth stone is the pearl.

Grade: College

Music: Reggaeton baby!!!!

Sports: Parkour/Freerunning, Basketball, Boxing, Swimming

Games: Action, Adventure, Puzzle solving and put those three together and you get God of War, XD....... and Tomb Raider..... don't judge me.

Favorite Games: God of War, Tomb Raider, Kingdom Hearts, any Godzilla game, Pirates Online

Favorite Movies: Godzilla, Bad Boys, Tomb Raider, Predator, 300, Prince of Persia (Nice movie, even though it didn't follow the games storyline), Feel the Noise (Puerto Rico Baby), The Fast and the Furious Series, Karate Kid, Pirates of the Caribbean Series, Transformers, Ace Ventura When Nature Calls,and Feel the Noise(wait, didn't I already said that?!)

Likes: Friends, sports, video games, the ocean, joking around, movies, fighting (I don't know why, the action and adreline is awsome), world traveling (which I tend to do quite a few times), Weight Lifting, warm weather, and Nina Bonitas (Beautiful Girls), XD, hey don't blame me, blame my Latino blood for liking girls alot, :D. Oh and four more things, Honor, Courage, Love, and Life.

Dislikes: Cold Weather, School (BLEH!! I hate school), annoying people, dishonorable people especially, birds (excepts for chicken, they're fun to chase around with. And they're lots of chickens in my house in Puerto Rico), reading (always causing me to fall asleep in class), and stupid people who think purposely that Puerto Rico is part of Mexico, IT IS NOT PART OF MEXICO!!!. Sorry, lost my temper there for a moment, but you get the point.

I'm pretty much a nice guy who a bit short tempered and hot headed from time to time,but I'm will to help anyone with anything. I'm also a lover of the sea and i mostly study about it when ever i'm bored. I plan on becoming an Marine Biologist when I get older.

And behold, the long anticipated COMPLETED Version of the Caribbean Map. Only a Dead man can know the secrets of the Caribbean, lol.

Caribbean Map (Complete )

The Caribbean Sea Chart Through Dead Man's Eyes

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