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Contributing since 8/21/10 - and still not promoted :(

Hola! My name is Simon Treasurehawk, if you might not have guessed yet, I have a pirate named Simon Treasurehawk and 2 others:

  1. Treasurehawk - Level 13 - Veteran of Marauder's Militia
  2. Firerage - Level 5 - No Guild


I like to study:

  1. The Spanish Language
  2. World War II

I'm good at making templates so if you need anything (Userbox, Pagebanner, Signature), just leave a message on my talk.

http://i680.photobucket.com/albums/vv167/commanderglub342/Spain.jpg Simon Treasurehawk is a member of the El Gobierno Oficioso de España.
Lost Sword Badge.png Simon Treasurehawk was in possession of 3 Lost Sword Badges before achievements were deactivated.
American flag.jpg Simon Treasurehawk is American.
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My Pages

  1. Simon Treasurehawk
  2. Li Yellowrage
  3. Marauder's Militia
  4. Riptide Wrath
  5. Morning Fox
  6. Riptide Brigand
  7. Riptide Warrior
  8. Christopher Seamorgan
  9. Robert Cannonbreaker
  10. Mydro
  11. William Seafury
  12. Riptide Raider
  13. Oddessy
  14. El Gobierno Oficioso de Espana
  15. El Segundo Gobierno de Espana
  16. Captain Chang
  17. Captain Garry
  18. The Destruction of French Brigade
  19. Marauder's Blade
  20. Marauder's Musket
  21. Treasurehawk
  22. Quest: Marauder's Militia Recruiting
  23. The Marauder's Militia Photo Gallery
  24. Riptide Thunder
  25. Category:Maurader's Militia
  26. Category:INFERNO
  28. Richard Cannonbreaker
  29. Firerage
  30. Raymond
  31. Category:EGOE Members
  32. Allied Militias
  33. The Life and History of Simon Treasurehawk: Book 1
  34. The Life & History of Simon Treasurehawk
  35. Fort Marauder
  36. HMS Cardinal
  37. Assault Musket
  38. Assassin Warlords
  39. French Brigade
  40. Simon's Resignation from the EITC
  41. Category:Grenadier's Militia
  42. Grenadier's Militia
  43. Category:Simon's Weapon Cache
  44. Category:Fan Documents
  45. Deckbones
  46. Category:Contests
  47. Riptide Thunder (Disambiguation)
  48. Simon Treasurehawk (Disambiguation)
  • And probably several others that aren't easy to find :)
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