The different district sections are as follows:

  1. Slums - the somewhat lower class, always in construction
  2. Industrial - home to the Power Room, its pathways maze-like
  3. Market - where people shop for food, clothes, etc
  4. Port - trade, home to The Naughty Ottsel (the usual hang-out spot) - the only bar in the city
  5. Palace Square - in its center is of course the Palace, official housings next to or nearby the palace
  6. Garage/Racing - a large arena for A-Grav zoomer races - a pastime for the citizens, and blitzball
  7. Construction - where building projects are constructed, etc

There are also numerous "Gates" that lead to sections out of the city (but are close by to the city), such as the Mountain Temple/Forest, Pumping Station, Sewers, and so forth. They require a Security Pass, a simple flip open I.D. with a communicator built-in, but if they decide to go they must be armed, or else risk their lives; and during times of war or emergencies, there's NO ALLOWED ACCESS.

The people of the city tend to use "Zoomers" or flying vehicles, to get around the city faster. Examples of such zoomers are below. There are Zoomer races every year, 3 races to determine the Champion.

Class 3, Class 2, and Class 1, that is the order of the races, which happen at different times. Class 1 is the championship race.

Here is an example:

Class 3 Race

Class 3 Race

This is an example of the Class 3 race.

Fending off...
Holy City and Surroundings
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