These are items that can be put on your user page when appropriate.


This is guide to make the following simple Userbox.

1.Create a Page Called "Template:NameHere" once created the Page will come up in source-mode(this can not be changed

2.Then add the following text to the page

 |id       = id text or image
 |id-c     = id background color
 |id-fc    = id font color
 |id-s     = id text size
 |info     = info text
 |info-c   = info background color
 |info-fc  = info font color
 |info-s   = info text size
 |border-c = box color
 |border-s = border width in pixels

3.The text above can be changed to make

|id       = [[File:Tama63_Userbox_logo(small).png|66px|link=]]
|id-c     = blue
|id-fc    = white
|id-s     = 3px
|info     = This is a test userbox
|info-c   = black
|info-fc  = white
|info-s   = 3px
|border-c = white
|border-s = 2

This comes out like

Tama63 Userbox logo(small) This is a test userbox

4.Here are some words which may come in handy when making userboxes

{{BASEPAGENAME}} This changes into the name of the page eg {{BASEPAGENAME}} is cool
{{{1}}} When inserting the template a box will appear on the side of the pop-up the box will have a typing space to add text eg Tama63 has X number of swords

5.Then to place these on pages simply go into editing mode then on the toolbar click the dropdown arrow by the words template click on "other template/magic word" then search for the name of your template.

I hope this helps and check out my Userbox Competition

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