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About me

im a naive and bold at the same time 8th grader who likes to blame things on the economy, my bad luck, and canda

i enjoy weapon hunting,rep gaining, roleplaying,and guild wars so if ur in the mood for a guild war find me on abassa or vachira

My Pirates

  • stallion
  • Ethan badbane (brothers)
  • Halt
  • james sterling

groups im part of

  • council of elders at yelloweagle paradise
  • The darknesse

favorite things

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  • canadians (when they are not trying to take over the world)
  • weird al yankovic
  • tv show deadliest warrior
  • tv show auction hunters
  • certain pokemon video games
  • potco
  • blaming the economy
  • shooting stuff
  • roleplay
  • SWAT team
  • navy SEAL's
  • us army rangers
  • books
  • video games
  • sniper rifles
  • writing fanfics
  • writing in general
  • fire
  • any weapon i did not mention
  • minecraft
  • tekkit for minecraft
  • yogscast
  • tobuscus


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videos and songs i like


Kingdom Hearts II Music - Roxas' Theme

theme of main protagonist in kingdom hearts 358/2 days: temporary playable charactor in kingdom hearts 2, and boss in kingdom hearts 2: final mix