aka Now why would i give that out? ;)

  • I live in None of ur concerns
  • I was born on July 7
  • My occupation is Lord Chancellor of Romania/High school football player and swimmer
  • I am Male
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Sir Edward Daggerhawk

About me

I have a level 40 Roleplaying and EITC character named Edward Daggerhawk. I was in the guild Grande Doubloons. I am part of royalty. I am a high lord in the EITC and glad to be. My character may be seen around time to time mostly on saturdays and sundays.

My favorite pages

  • Edward Daggerhawk
  • Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard
  • Grande Doubloons
  • Robert McRoberts
  • John Breasly

My Pirates and EITC

  • Edward Daggerhawk
  • Thomas Daggerhawk
  • Jack Rogers
  • Captain Barnacle
  • James Daggerhawk
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