Will Greasescarlett


Hey there! Welcome to my user page! I am Will Greasescarlett, in the game Pirates of the Carribean Online I am Level 17. I own a guild called THE LOOTERS which has 56 members.

Wife: Lisa Greasescarlett
Son: Thomas Lock Greasescarlett
Favorite Potco Activity: Plunder Hang out Work at Will's House bar
Roleplay Age: 10
Roleplay Birthday: November 7,1735 *The roleplay date this page was created is December 1,1745.
Game Master NO
Best Friends: Johnny Sparrowjunior(Inactive) Lisa

GM Sign Will Greasescarlett is Guildmaster of the THE LOOTERS guild.
Tortuga Will Greasescarlett's favorite main island is Tortuga.
POTCO FAN Will Greasescarlett is a Fan Of The Pirates Of The Caribbean Movies!
Pistol eagle eye Will Greasescarlett's Favorite server is Abassa!

Aprankmustache Will Greasescarlett HATED the oil mustache from April Fool's Day!
Potco-jolly-roger-425 Will Greasescarlett has encountered Jolly Roger!
Blackbeard's Sword Will Greasescarlett has claimed Blackbeard's sword of Triton!
Mozilla Firefox Will Greasescarlett uses Mozilla Firefox to contribute to the Wiki.
No Food Will Greasescarlett doesn't like INFERNO and Thirtsy Souls
WINDOWSUSER! Will Greasescarlett uses a Windows PC!
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