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  • My occupation is Retired from this account
  • I am User:Sir Joseph Grey

RipWilliam Seasteel has quit this wiki and will not be online anymore.Rip

Tyler cross bones

Ahoy! I am William Seasteel, I played this game for about 2 days in 2007, then quit. A few years later, in 2011, my cousin visited for the summer, we were bored and I suggested that we should play this game, because I remembered it was fun. Later, he got unlimited, but quit the game. So now I use his old account, and he recreated his pirate on my account and pays for both of us, even though he rarely plays :P. As a new years resolution in 2012, I came back to the game!

My Role-play Personas. (All in Country RP) 

  • Tylar Kroshbon (William II) - Original persona, King of Switzerland, (1701-1747)
  • Tyler Wellington - Second persona, Colonel in the EITC Third Division (1711-1744) 
  • William "Seasteel" de' Medici - Third persona, Son of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, 17 yo

To-Do List

Ongoing Projects:

My Sandbox

Venables & Wellington Entertainment

House of Medici

Current Projects:

Invasion of Ireland

~More to be Added~ 


"Join the Army, travel the world, meet intresting people, and kill them." ~ Tyler Crossbones

"A strong man stands up for himself, a stronger man stands up for others" ~ Matthew O'malley

"An army of sheep led by a wolf would defeat an army of wolves led by a sheep" ~ Alexander the Great

"There is strong, then theres Army Strong" ~ U.S. Military

"There are three ways of losing money; racing is the quickest, women is the most pleasant, and farming is the most certain" ~ Lord Amherst 

"It's Lord now, actually." ~ Cutler Beckett

"It's nothing personal, just good business." ~ Cutler Beckett

My family

  • Robert Seasteel - Father 
  • Katherine Amore - Mother 
  • Antoine Seasteel - Brother 
  • Robert Lockbutler - Cousin 

My Pirates

  • First Pirate - Joseph (Old Account from 2011. Supposedly Termed) 
  • Second Pirate - Tyler Crossbones (Changed Name) 
  • Third Pirate - William Seasteel 
  • Fourth Pirate - James Warshot

Current Pirates: 

  1. William Seasteel
  2. Edward McDavis
  3. Asterisk
  4. Henry Porter 
  5. James Warshot

My Favourite Pages 



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