aka mom forgot to name me

  • I live in deep within dig site 69
  • I was born on November 9
  • My occupation is mediocre student
  • I am Nults' pet sloth
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Thug eagle

Obeying Lord Mallace

Personal details

Paul Revere

Other Names/Aliases

The Midnight Rider


Westmoreland County, Virginia, VA

City of Residence

Washington; D.C


"Where liberty dwells, there is my country."



Notable Allies

President Andrew Mallace, VP Sean Dane, Burma Ambassador Jeremy McKagan

Sworn Enemies

Secretary Edgewalker, General Thomas Gage, Tyranny

freedom-loving american
Serving Under

President Andrew Mallace

Serving With

Over 300 million others

Office assumed

November 9, 2001

Office relinquished

Love of the grand old flag endures even in death.


you might be asking yourself, "who r u?"

wel, that's not a good question. cuz im no1. im definitely something tho. im a basement dweller.

I'm Zoomer. I played POTCO from 2010 to 2013, taking only a few short breaks every now and then. From my first day to my last day playing it, it was a game that never ceased to entertain me. Even after the game itself died, the mostly wonderful community lives on. I first found my friends here as Black ballade, a nine-year old troublemaker. Now that I've grown up (mostly rip), I can truly appreciate all the friends I've made instead of just arguing with everyone I see. I've returned to some old friends, and a lot of new ones. They're all gr8. I love you too, <insert name here> :D

Although I'm not the best around, I'm a seasoned editor and I know some very limited HTML coding that can help you make your pages sexier. Don't be afraid to ask, whether by talk page or on chat. Enjoy yourself!

I can tell from the look in ur eyes that u love me. fortunately 4 u im always on discord :) ~

/My Sandbox

Favorite Media

Video Games

Top 12 Games -

  1. Final Fantasy VII - PS1 (1997)
  2. Final Fantasy XII - PS2 (2006)
  3. Earthbound - SNES (1995)
  4. Persona 3 - PS2 (2007)
  5. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - PSP and PS3 (2010 - 2014)
  6. Kingdom Hearts II - PS2 (2005)
  7. Kingdom Hearts I - PS2 (2002)
  8. Final Fantasy X and HD Remaster - PS2 and PS3/PS Vita (2002-2014)
  9. Star Ocean: Second Evolution - PSP (2008)
  10. Metal Gear Solid 3 and HD Collection - PS2 and PS3/Xbox 360/PS Vita (2004-2012)
  11. Pirates of the Caribbean Online (2007-2013) (Played since Summer 2010)
  12. Star Ocean: First Departure - PSP (2007)

Top 10 Game Characters -

  1. Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII
  2. Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy VII
  3. Balthier - Final Fantasy XII
  4. Auron - Final Fantasy X
  5. Revolver Ocelot - Metal Gear Solid
  6. Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy VII
  7. Gilgamesh - Final Fantasy V
  8. Riku - Kingdom Hearts
  9. Akihiko Sanada - Persona 3
  10. Basch - Final Fantasy XII

Top 11 Videogame Songs -

  1. Final Fantasy VII OST - Judgement Day (PS1, 1997)
  2. Final Fantasy VII OST - Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII (PS1, 1997)
  3. Earthbound OST - Winters' Theme (SNES, 1995)
  4. Final Fantasy VII OST - One-Winged Angel (PS1, 1997)
  5. Final Fantasy VI OST - Tina/Terra's Theme (SNES, 1994)
  6. Final Fantasy VI OST - Edgar's Theme (SNES, 1994)
  7. Final Fantasy X OST - Sprouting/Movement In Green (PS2, 2001)
  8. Final Fantasy X OST - Someday the Dream Will End (PS2, 2001)
  9. Earthbound OST - Twoson's Theme (SNES, 1995)
  10. Earthbound OST - Onett's Theme (SNES, 1995)
  11. Earthbound OST - Cave of the Past (SNES, 1995)

Real Life

Top 10 Songs -

  1. Nas - The World is Yours (1994, Illmatic)
  2. Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell (1994, Illmatic)
  3. Nas - N.Y State of Mind (1994, Illmatic)
  4. The Notorious B.I.G - Machine Gun Funk (1994, Ready to Die)
  5. Big L - Let Em Have It L (1994, Lifestyles ov Da Poor and Dangerous)
  6. 2Pac - Temptations (1995, Me Against The World)
  7. Big L - All Black (1994, Lifestyles ov Da Poor and Dangerous)
  8. 2Pac - Hit 'Em Up (1996)
  9. Nas - Memory Lane (1994, Illmatic)
  10. Nas - One Love (1994, Illmatic)


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