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Batorhos Batorhos 11 February 2013

Due process on the wiki, a statement

Firstly, I would like to address the people elected by the community of this wiki to represent them and their views. When you are elected an administrator, you should consider it a responsobility. Inactivity should be a last option. Having been an administrator in the past, I hope my advice will have some (if any) influence upon your recent and future actions.

Secondly,, when persons have attempted to take over this wiki in the past, they were all given as I believe, indefinitely lasting bans from this wiki (some even global bans). When I heard that Voxelplox was conspiring against this wiki, I was a bit enraged to find out that he was not even punished in a long terms, or any serious way. All action should have consequences. Good or bad, no matte…

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Batorhos Batorhos 6 September 2012

Wiki tribe quiz

So, I took the quit, and it says I'm the Mystic: http://avatar.wikia.visualdna.com/attempts/48f85e56-d997-455b-84ea-7e82860f86af/docs/feedback

If you took it, tell me what is said you are, and if you can, please provide a link. :) For those of you have not took it, do so now, it's pretty awesome. --Batorhos 11:50, September 6, 2012 (UTC)

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Batorhos Batorhos 18 August 2012

I Want This Tattoo - POTCO Tattoo, might get for real

So I wanna get a tattoo to express myself, but I don't wanna go all gangster or stuff, just something simple. As I'm 14, I need my mom's written consent until I am 16 (or 18, not sure, Hungary is different, the age of consent is 14 >:) Some of you might know my secret, but some might not. Anyways, I fell this tattoo is a great way to express myself. I choose 2 that are reallz good that I am considering. If my mom isn't okay with it, I was thinking of a piercing in 2 years, cause I'll be allowed to do that at 16, then get my tattoo at 18. Here's what I was thinking:

The middle one would be on my lower left arm. - The bird one would be on my chest. - The Rainbow colored one would be on my arm, but not sure which part, I'm thinking the inside …

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Batorhos Batorhos 11 August 2012

Need Helpers for my New Wiki

I just made a new wiki about LGBT Pride, and I need helpers with the coding and the graphic design - because you all know I am waaaaaaay too busy with water polo practices from 8 AM until 5 PM on Mondays through Fridays. So, I just need peeps to help with coding and pages. Thanks in advance. --Batorhos 20:06, August 11, 2012 (UTC)

Permission given for blog by Stpehen.

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Batorhos Batorhos 5 June 2012

So..... Wait.

I was demoted? I was moving from the US to Hungary to live there, and I return to find myself demoted? I didnt even get a single say in it? Was nobody surprised I didnt comment because I was............. MOVING?! Or was Jack just taking advange of that window. Well, I quit the wiki. I hope to never see or hear from any of you again (actually, maybe all of you).

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