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To the wiki community

Firstly, I would like to address the people elected by the community of this wiki to represent them and their views. When you are elected an administrator, you should consider it a responsobility. Inactivity should be a last option. Having been an administrator in the past, I hope my advice will have some (if any) influence upon your recent and future actions.

Secondly,, when persons have attempted to take over this wiki in the past, they were all given as I believe, indefinitely lasting bans from this wiki (some even global bans). When I heard that Voxelplox was conspiring against this wiki, I was a bit enraged to find out that he was not even punished in a long terms, or any serious way. All action should have consequences. Good or bad, no matter. Every action causes an equal and opposite reaction, this law applies here as well. Due process, which means that punishments for the same offense should be applied equally, no matter who commits it. To stress this, I think that having been in a position of power, Voxelplox should be punished more severely than a regular user would be, because he knew he was entrusted by the community to do the right thing.


  • Create a rule regarding conspiracy against the wiki,
  • Apply due process, and make a rule for it,
  • Administrators, bureaucrats, and rollbacks should be elected for terms, say 1 year. Then the community will vote on whether to keep them or not, and to either replace them, or just demote them back to regular member. Remember that the US Congress has 2 year terms for representatives, so if they want to be reelected, they should be satisfiying their electors (which they have an obligation to do anyways).

With regret,


I will make no more statements regarding this issue. If things from my pont of view will look as if they are out of hand, I will consult Wikia staff, who are, when adressing this wiki, are using an unbiased decision-making. I very highly advise administartors to take into consideration my third point under the Proposals section, no matter if that may mean not getting reelected, because they shoud be doing the right thing in any case.