aka Mizael , Bane , Magneto , Davy Jones

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on December 6
  • My occupation is Sith Lord of the Empire, Barian Emperor and Resurgient of HYDRA
  • I am Male
  • Bill24601

    The Final Days of POTCO

    September 19, 2013 by Bill24601

    The End of Potco: 

    Name: Bill Plunderbones, Bill Plunderbones Tew , Jay Plunderbones , The Light 

    Guilds: Chetik Union, Generals of Peace , Gen.of Peace , Skulls Marines (2 days) , Abnormality.

    Levels: Bill: 50 (complete Master) Bill Tew: 50 (Mastered) , Jay: 50 (not full master) The Light: 50 (not full master)

    • Favorite Weapons: Bill - Blightfang Edge , Sacred Repeater, Silver Freeze
    • Favorite Weapons: Tew - Barracuda Blade , Thunderspine Sword, World Eater Blade
    • Favorite Weapons: Jay - Masterwork Broadsword , Sacred Pistol
    • Favorite Weapons: The Light - Lost Sword of El Patron , Blade of the Abyss

    Occupations: Pirate, CEO of Daggerpaine Industries , GM of Chetik Union (3 months) , Top Officer in Generals of Peace, Top Officer and then Co GM of Gen.…

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  • Bill24601

    So True

    May 14, 2013 by Bill24601

    Its True we all know it xD 

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  • Bill24601

    Screens I found

    April 13, 2013 by Bill24601

    Was looking through my POTCO screenshots moving them to another folder and found these screens from a while back 

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  • Bill24601

    I will Now be Inactive

    November 10, 2012 by Bill24601

    Im sure most of you dont care and will think WhooHoo!!, But for those of you who do Ill be inactive till Thursday so have a nice weekend and week guys.

    Our Battles will never be over but hope to see you again eventually :P

    Work on Ricardo to get him leveled up

    Miss ya its fun hanging out with you at night

    Treat Lizzeh well You hear me :P

    Miss ya so much hope to see you eventually Cheire Dear.

    Bye till Thursday :P

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  • Bill24601

    Your Favorite POTC movie

    September 4, 2012 by Bill24601

    Been long time since I made a blog and i cant remember if there was another blog like this one so if there is i apologize cause i cant remember most of the blogs on this dang wiki :P decided to lighten the mood of the stuff by saying Whats your favorite PIrates of The Caribbean movie and also what are your favorite scenes from them just curious :P also why is it your favorite and if you cant pick your favorite narrow it down to which ones you like better or not . Also whats your favorite POTC game (POTCO doesnt count :P) and one final thing - What are you expecting in the 5th one and what do you hope will happen.

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