• Black ballade

    This Is A Game I've Been Designing To Help Keira Create Stories. It Will Not Be A Normal Page, This Is Just A Trailer.

    First, We Will See The Gist Of The New Bosses Of This Fictional, Fantasic, and Unreal Game. The Real FFXV Will Come In The Future.

    Boss 1 : Thief

    Boss 2 : Lilia Monster

    Boss 3 : Guardian Priestess

    Boss 4 : Death Castle

    Boss 5 : Luxury Hand

    Boss 6 : Dreadly Killer

    Boss 7 : Judgement Antelope

    Boss 8 : Jotun Of Death

    Boss 9 : Deathbound Knight

    Boss 10 : Del Droid

    More Coming Soon.

    Keira Kinover ( Default )

    Bill Plunderbones ( Recruited After The Battles With Lilia Monster & Guardian Priestess. )

    Zoomer ( Joins After The Battle With The Dreadly Killer. )

    After A Decision, Keira Decides To Start Searching For An "Answer To Life" After Quitting…

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  • Black ballade

    swift foot glitch?

    February 22, 2011 by Black ballade

    is there a new way of doing this ol' glitch?

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  • Black ballade

    the phantom spirits glitch be back!!!

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  • Black ballade

    Glitch Master

    February 22, 2011 by Black ballade

    I have brought a new war sloop called glitch master and it is used in glitch operations!!!

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