Kittehism is the national religion of Kittehland


Kittehism has founded by KittehKing Joseph Catsmythe, KittehPrince Blueh von Kittehland, and Prime Miniscat Blake Stewkitten on December 29, 1745. Missionaries have already been sent out to every corner of the known world. 

In the religion of Kittehism Kittens are taught that there is only two cat gods. One male, one female. AND that they


sit up in the clouds with yarn and catnip piled around them making the world better. There are also two cat demons. One, male and one transvestite. They make the world bad and do naughty things and make people on fire and make bad things happen and make it rain and make dogs and make hypnolasers and make every bad thing in the world happen.

The Romanian Massacre

A special 3 hour prayer service was held the day after the Romanian Kitty Massacre. People from all Kitty Citys came up to the stand and confessed their sins.


Kittehland is being preached on Potco! LEARN THE STORY LIVE THE RELIGION

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